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Last visit with family in May 2016

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…. Cool underground urban interior, wings on the walls, crazy artistic photos, strong sound and spot lighting equipment;

…. People filing up and huddling, hoping to buy a ticket for the new album promo by Jeremy?, a Bulgarian alternative rock band but for their regret the tickets were over;

…. Full house, no place for more people, however comfortable enough for listening and enjoying Jeremy?’s gig.

…. Cool young people, who came to listen to their favorite rock band, with urban dress code- sneakers and shirts, not for the purpose to show off, as in other clubs in Sofia.


…. Professional playing by the heroes of the evening, the indie rock band Jeremy? from Bulgaria, their respectful attitude to their job, to the audience, to the people who help them, expressing lack of airs and graces, in unison with the exclusive quality of their music;

…. Party ambiance of high mood and satisfaction with this music, recognized by the great musicians of Queen, who chose Jeremy? as support band for their gig in Bulgaria, Romania and Poland;

…. Fans gratitude,  for having already a full album by their favorite group;

…. A feeling of broadness and latitude when listening to Jeremy’s music, the same feeling while I listening to U2.

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…. Good music with world class quality, good sound , well-selected DJ set before the show.

…. Loud ovations by the audience  after each song;

…. The front man of the band Ersin Mustafov, thanking the audience for its support, to the people who partner and help Jeremy?, to the managing and marketing team Martin Mihaylov and Gergana Noikova, to his team players with whom he creates this music.


…. The lack of cigarettes smoke  – such strict rule observation, unfortunately, is rare in Bulgarian clubs, although smoking is illegal indoors of public places- congratulations to the owner for keeping Terminal 1 a non-smoking place.


…. Bushmills whiskey was a sponsor, respectively we drank this brand, which is quite ok;

…. Welcome drink of whiskey by Bushmills with apple juice – a nice summer drink.


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I don’t visit much night clubs, since smoking is allowed almost everywhere. It is outrageous, especially taking into consideration that it is forbidden by law.

I went to Club Terminal 1 for the promotion of Jeremy?’s debut album, since I am impressed with the quality and world class of their music. The place took my eye not only with its cool interior but also with the audience who was there. It was full of young people with shirts and sneakers, no people looking for suitors, only fans of good rock music of Jeremy?. As a bonus we saw one of the young theater and film stars singing the vocals of an Arctic Monkey’s piece together with the band, singing very well and with passion, and the front man of Ostava, Svilen Noev  singing one of his hits, accompanied by Jeremy?.

I liked very much the opening of the gig with the upbeat Hope, familiar also to my kids and closing it with the most famous song of Jeremy?’s Fake Fruits.

We bought two discs and we gave one to a friend, the other is in my car. You can download it from iTunes store against EUR 8.99. It is absolutely worth it!

I wish good luck and success to Jeremy? and to become more worldwide recognized. Good luck and success to Club Terminal 1 for their efforts to promote and give stage to talented people, to support Bulgarian artists, to teach in quality and lifestyle the young people.

Address: 1 Angel Kanchev str, Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 889 219 001

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