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Maison’s Premium – the newest and most delicious place in Burgas

Maison’s Premium rating by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 4.7 out of 5

Jule 2023

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If you are in Burgas and you are a gourmand, and you like well-prepared and decorated food, on beautiful plates and trays, in a decently small amount, then Maison’s Premium is your place.

I personally am a big fan of gourmet cuisine and fine dining restaurants, and since for several years Saline and Neptun have been struggling to demolish their old glory with insufficiently good service and lack of imagination in food, I have long missed such an exciting place for the senses in my beloved Burgas.

The applause for the food is entirely for chef Stefan Enchev and his team. It exudes class and creativity. I hope that the guests and residents of Burgas will appreciate his talent so that he will continue to create in the same way in his birth town.

Stefan Enchev has returned from England, where he worked as a sous chef in the restaurant of the famous Mr. Hell’s Kitchen – Gordon Ramsay to delight Bulgarian gourmands with his creations. We are very happy for this luck of ours and we wish him a huge amount of it.

See Maison’s Premium

… The setting is pleasant, the furniture comfortable, and the trays and plates very stylish – they match the beautifully plated food in them;

… The food list is both rich and is not too long – there are appetizers with French finesse, salads, main dishes, pizzas and desserts;

… The wine list is pretty short and I didn’t see any small bottles or offerings by the glass. Perhaps it is undergoing a slight development in this direction is recommendable, but otherwise the prices are quite adequate. Half a heart dropped from here.

Feel Maison’s Premium …

… Diligent service, with respect for the customer, but unfortunately there was no explanation of what was on the plate. I believe that in the fine dining experience this is a very important detail, but it was described in detail in the menu.

… We had booked a table in the so-called garden, but unfortunately it turned out to be an ordinary smoke room which roof opens. Well, it wasn’t open, it was terribly cold there, even for the July heat, and it still smelled a lot of cigarettes. We quickly moved inside because we didn’t like it.

It turned out that the cold came from the strong aspiration, and unfortunately when the door between the non-smoking room and the smoking room was opened, it smelled strongly of cigarettes and became very cold. A heart was dropped for this.

Hear Maison’s Premium …

… Very pleasant light jazz music performed on the piano. It can be called a hotel type, but it is very suitable for establishments with a refined style.

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Smell Maison’s Premium …

… We threw ourselves boldly at a bottle of Calvet Chablis Grand Reserve, which was expensive, let’s say for the price of cheap wine in Bucharest (for details you can read the series of posts about Bucharest), but it did not disappoint us as aromas, rather won us over. It went well with our fish preferences that we ordered;

… Very mouth-watering aromas of Capricciosa pizza- it is a little different from the standard because it has salami added, but it was of good quality and gave a slight spiciness which actually impressed me very nicely;

… Pineapple and roasted peanuts in the Angel’s Kiss dessert;

… Fresh basil in the Caprese salad, which was not only delicious, but also very beautifully plated.

Taste Maison’s Premium …

… Cod filet sous vide with clams, espuma, which was not clear from what it was, but there was also my favorite salicornia, and chips from something that I also did not understand, as well as fine mashed potatoes like a canapé! It was beautiful;

… Crispy calamari with aioli sauce;

… I think that whatever you choose from the menu, it will still be good, because that’s how it turned out with everything we tried. I would encourage you to try at least 3 courses since the volume of the dishes is very well considered to taste as much as possible from this delicious cuisine.

I will definitely visit Maison’s Premium again the next time I come back to Burgas.

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