Нов пътеводител за Белград A new guide to Belgrade

New guide for modern Belgrade or 5 tips and 5 new interesting places not to miss

Why a new guide? Well, simply because there’s an old one. You can find it in the publication A short guide for the contemporary visitor of Belgrade.

Everything mentioned in the old guide is still valid to this day. Since the blog’s concept revolves around the number 5 – 5 senses, 5 minutes to read a post – I now want to add 5 new places that have impressed me and provide 5 tips that are relevant nowadays.

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Let’s start with the useful 5 tips for a great time in Belgrade:

1. The entire highway is open from the Serbian side, so the car journey from Sofia to Belgrade is no longer 5 hours, rather 3 hours and something. It depends on how much you stop along the way and if there’s a queue at the border.

2. You can pay with a card almost everywhere in Belgrade. Last time we were there in February 2024, we didn’t have to exchange Serbian dinars. We just paid everywhere with a card.

3. There are at least 2 taxi companies that with a mobile app where you can register your card, so you can pay by it in the taxi as well. We used Pink Taxi. The cars are good, there are plenty of them, the drivers are very kind, and the prices are not high. The other company is Car:Go. Install the app, register your card, and you’re ready to go.

4. Roaming is still expensive. 1 MB is 10 EUR, and a minute is 2.5 EUR – not a good deal. Your credit limit is almost immediately exhausted, and they cut off your phone. You need to activate a business tariff to get more normal prices. Another option is to look for prepaid cards from a local telecom or rely on the free wifi in restaurants and hotels.

5. I recommend doing some shopping. In Serbia, there are many quality food products. Look for a larger Maxi store and stock up on charcuterie and delicatessen or cheese before you head back – they are fantastic! Also, look for Extreme Intimo stores for underwear. Very good quality, entirely cotton- every time I’m there, I buy something. Both chains are well-distributed in the city.

I continue with 5 new places in Belgrade that are interesting:

Firstly, I want to note that the Michelin Guide has already visited the capital of Serbia and recommends around 22 restaurants. However, I disagree with some of their suggestions and have my own recommendations.

1.Fine dining restaurant and cocktail bar Skylounge. It was included in the Michelin Guide, and my opinion aligns with their recommendation. Located on the top floor of the Hilton hotel, near Slavia Square, Skylounge offers not only excellent food, delightful cocktails, and great music from a DJ but also a stunning view from above. You can read more about Skylounge in Skylounge – luxury, views, delicious food and impeccable service in the center of Belgrade, Serbia.

2. Isabel Speakeasy Cocktail Bar. A serious competitor in terms of cocktail quality and creativity compared to Skylounge, Isabel Speakeasy is situated very close to its high-positioned sibling, both literally and figuratively. You might not find or enter it unless someone guides you on its location and entrance. The place is cool, and the cocktails are absolutely fantastic, both original and expertly crafted. The music perfectly complements the overall experience, featuring jazz and funk. Check this Instagram post for more details about how to find it.

3. Gig Restaurant. If you’re a fan of fine dining, make sure to visit Gig restaurant. Unfortunately, it wasn’t included in the Michelin Guide simply because it hadn’t been opened when they toured Belgrade. The place offers a high-class cuisine and an even more impressive wine list with rare and expensive representatives from top appellations. In my opinion, it’s deserving of a Michelin star and more than 8 hats in Gault&Millau. Read more about it in Why can Gig be the first Michelin-starred restaurant in Belgrade, Serbia?.

4. If you are a party lion I highly recommend Lafayette. Located on Beton Hala, Lafayette is a top-notch venue for entertainment. You need to be 25 y.o. and momre to be admitted there, not because of cynical or inappropriate content, but you need to be able to pay your bill and appreciate the place and the people in it. The establishment is one of the coolest party places in the Balkans, offering a very high-quality experience. There’s a dress code, and going there is quite resource-intensive, both in terms of time and money. Prepare to watch an amazing show performed by super-talented artists, consume food and drinks, and dance because the music is fantastic. Don’t expect that you can get by with just water and one appetizer during the entire time- to visit the place means that you are supposed to be a natural swanky big-spender. Moreover, there’s no entrance fee, but you pay for the cloakroom, and it’s cash only, around 15 7.5 EUR. Don’t risk going in sneakers or a training suite they’ll turn you away. Ladies are in heels and elegant attire, often with barebacks, thin straps, something shiny, a hairstyle, makeup, etc. Reserve your spot in advance, and under no circumstances should you book for the bar, as there are no stools, and everyone stands—7 hours in heels not the most pleasant thing. Get a table, keeping in mind that they are arranged amphitheatrically, offering a good view of the stage, as well as all other points where performers appear. The food is delicious- we tried sushi and were very satisfied. Champagne is around 200-300 EUR per bottle, but other wines are around 50-100 EUR, so you don’t have a very cheap choice there either. Cocktails are a bit sweeter and more aromatic than what I understand as a balanced taste and aroma. Watch a few videos to get a feel for the atmosphere.




5. As for new places to stay, I recommend two alternatives. Both offer parking facilities and have relatively central locations. One is the Calisi Hotel, located near Beton Hala. So, if you plan to explore the bohemian atmosphere near the Sava River, this is the more convenient option. They have underground parking, and if you are transporting with your car ski equipment, it will be safe there. Read more about it in the post “Calisi Hotel, next to Beton Hala, Belgrade.

The other hotel is the Hanami Spa Hotel, situated in the Vracar district—old, aristocratic, central, near Slavia Square. Skylounge, Isabel Speakeasy Bar, a large Maxi supermarket, and various other charming restaurants are within walking distance. The Frans restaurant is about a 20-minute walk away, and you can learn more about it in Franš – a valuable discovery in Belgrade, Serbia. Every time I am in Belgrade, I visit Frans, and the food is consistently excellent. Prices gradually increase, but that’s common everywhere.

Hanami has a very pleasant interior that makes you feel zen and comfortable. Read about it in “Hanami design hotel – SPA, zen and comfort in the center of Belgrade.

It’s worth taking a weekend trip to Belgrade, and why not for a more extended stay. It’s close, the language is understandable for us, it’s interesting, and it’s worth it. But don’t expect it to be cheap- prices are also on the rise there. Check the section on Serbia in the category @World for more ideas from our western neighbor.

How to get to all these places in Belgrade?

To reach the recommended places listed by me, use this Google map. Select the icon of the place you are interested in, then click on the arrow, and it will open the navigation map for you:

How to book your stay?

I recommend that you check the packages that the hotel offers on their website because they are very affordable. But for your convenience, I have also put a box on booking.com. Compare the prices and choose an option.


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