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Last time visited in July 2015 with friends and family

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See… the enchanting sunset spread in full colors while you enjoy delicious traditional Greek food

Smell… the flavor of anis in your tsipourou, the local strong liquor

Taste… fresh fish and kalamaria (squid)

Feel and Experience… fast, friendly, accurate service accompanied with lots of jokes, smiles and fun; try speaking your native language with the waiter, who knows popular phrases, as well as the names of the dishes in the menu in all European languages

Hear… the sounds Greek traditional and pop music, including the unforgettable Demis Rousos.

Everyone who have spent a couple of days in Vourvourou knows Paris. Yes, there is Paris in a Greek village on the second leg of Halkidiki. It has nothing to do with the capital of France, it’s just that the owner has the same name as the famous Homer’s Iliad seducer.

Well, this restaurant will seduce you with the courteous ‘welcome’ of its staff, fast  service, lots of jokes, fresh mood and food. You can choose whatever you want from the multilingual menu and you will experience delicious Greek cuisine. The price of fresh fish is 40-60 EUR per kilo which is a good bargain. Fresh kalamaria, octopus, mussels, various fish from the Aegean sea, anything you can think of will be prepared fast and in a lavish quaintly to please your desire for dissolving in a typical Greek gastronomic abundance. Taste the delicious Greek bread which will be served without ordering it. Dip it  into olive oil with salt and pepper and don’t watch for your weight, just enjoy the food! Don’t forget to order ouzo or the traditional tsiporou to complete the typical flavors of Greece.

At the end, together with the bill you will be complemented with some sweets- ice cream, water melon, melon and very sweet traditional Greek desserts, poured with extremely sweet and sticky syrup. A wonderful finale of your culinary fiesta!

A great convenience for the families is the small green grass playground with merry-go-round and swings for children, so Oxi (no) hurry, Oxi stress, just enjoy your leisure time and the beautiful scenery of Vourvourou bay.

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Address: Across super market Dionysos, Vourvourou

If you are staying in a hotel or villa close to the restaurant, you can go there by foot taking a pleasant walk on the beach. Otherwise you can drive and the restaurant has its own parking.

Tel: +30 2375091312 & + 30 6942577306

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