Restaurant 888 Taste Show – Asian cuisine at a high level and perfect service in Sofia

888 Taste Show rating by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 5 out of 5.

March  2022

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A restaurant proves itself to be good on the holidays. On March 8, I got angry with many restaurants because they are not prepared to welcome guests at 100% capacity. I remember how years ago in Lebeda restaurant in Pancharevo, Bulgaria, people got up from the tables angry without paying their bills and left because they could not deliver food from the kitchen for hours. On March 8, the 888 Taste Show seemed to have a Swiss watch engine installed to distribute staff work. Of course, there is no clock – people just do a great job. Once again I claim, as I did in the first post about them Restaurant 888 Taste Show – Asian cuisine in Sofia, Bulgaria, that this is the Asian restaurant with the best service in all of Bulgaria.

 See ….

…. In the open kitchen you can see the cooking team and everyone is working tight;

…. Waiters, a manager, there may have been 2 managers, all circulating in the hall and watching to see if there was a need for anything at each table;

…. The dishes have a flawless appearance, very good plating;

…. Lots of smiles from the staff – they are busy, but they smile, as if you are the most important person in the world;

…. The flawless marble structure of beef wagyu when you choose your steak before it is prepared for you.

Wagyu beef of exceptional quality produced in Japan. This meat is said to have the most marble structure.

…. If you go on the weekend until 4 pm, you can also browse the brunch menu and choose from it smaller portions, at lower prices.


Feel ….

…. Many gifts were distributed on the occasion of the holiday:

…. Roses for ladies,

…. Oriental perfume tester,

…. The famous nutritionist, Angie Casabie herself went and handed out a voucher for a month’s free access to her gym. She smiled at everyone and offered small talk to every table as if you are old time friends;

…. The tenderness of beef wagyu, which is prepared on teppanyaki. Even if you order it well-done, it will still be tender, prepared in this way, and the fat in the structure protects it from deteriorating the taste during prolonged heat treatment. My daughter told me about this meat that it didn’t taste like beef at all because it was insanely tender  and she was right. Be careful with this order, however, because the pleasure is quite expensive. The price on the menu is for 100 g, and one steak is at least double the amount. Waiters always warn, but still I would like to be sure that I don’t mislead you with this recommendation.

…. Let me mention again the perfect service- no delay or forgetfulness, polite attitude, cooperation in all matters, no one showed slack or restraint in their diligence.

Hear ….

…. For the occasion of 8 March, the women’s day, very nice hits, familiar, as deliberately matched to it, the lyrics – romantic, it was a festive atmosphere.

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Smell ….

…. All aromas are balanced, everything smelled very appetizing. However, I was most impressed by the accompanying fruity tropical and flower notes of our chosen Vermentino- white wine from Sardinia, which complemented the seafood dishes. They had really good wine list!

…. Dessert ice cream from the matcha and fresh lycheethe sweet aroma of lychees gently diversifies the tartness of the ice cream from the matcha.

Taste ….

….. Everything was super tasty, perfect, like textures and balance in opposite tastes;

…. It’s worth trying sushi and sashimi;

…. Orange salad – the dressing of a salad shows the mastery of the chef – lettuce, goat cheese, avocado, sliced ​​almonds, fennel slices, citrus – a great combination, especially with sweet and sour dressing;

…. Be careful with the spicy shrimps if you are from Europe or the Americas, but if you are from Asia – this is a must for your order – they are very tasty, only they are typically Asian spicy;

…. Spring rolls with shrimp are very crunchy and a great appetizer for a good white wine;

…. Perhaps the best ramen in Sofia is therethe pork fillet is nicely baked, the egg is tempting, the noodles are very tasty and juicy in the sauce;

…. Everything cooked on teppanyaki and the robata is delicious – I tried sea bass with ginger sauce, which skin was made as chips and crunched very nicely as opposed to the tender white part of the fish;

…. Even pork ribs are impressive – very tender and tasty- a little salty, a little sweet;

…. Every form of noodles and rice is wonderful and well flavored;

…. Nice foie gras, prepared on teppanyaki – very fine, served on poached pear;

…. Our choice for dessert was a raspberry chocolate sphere – a wonderful tender chocolate mousse inside, pieces of raspberry, and crispy dark chocolate on top and thin bars of milk.

March 8 was a wonderful holiday dinner, with great staff organization and wonderful Asian cuisine!

888 Taste Show has become favorite to my with children – the restaurant offers all their favorite dishes – from sushi, through  ramen, noodles, tempura to teppanyaki. For gourmands who want to try the special Japanese wagyu – this is the place. That’s why we visited it again and supplemented the review with more recommendations for dishes. There will be more visits of our whole family.

How to get to restaurant 888 Taste Show in Sofia?

Don’t worry about getting to 888 Taste Show in Sofia. Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

bul. "Vitosha" 89b, 1463 Ivan Vazov, Sofia, Bulgaria

A: 89B, Vitosha blv, Sofia, Grand Hotel Millennium

T: +359 2 444 0888

E: 888asian@pmrestaurant.bg

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-24:00

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