Beef at Bagri Sofia, photo by placescases.com

The colours of Bulgaria in restaurant Bagri with Chef Anton Vasev, Sofia

Bagri score by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 5 out of 5.

April 2019


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Bagri is one of those places where you can eat very tasty and see and try new things, learn something and enjoy your choice. Its name means „colours“ in Bulgarian.

For several months now there is a new chef in Bagri, Anton Vasev, who built his own signature and continuously invests energy and heart in his gastronomic works. He is fully committed to the concept of the restaurant for sustainability, seasonality and local products of highest quality.

The lamb comes from own farms, the pork is  Eastern Balkan pig from a small farm, the cheese is of the highest quality selected by small producers. The restaurant uses modern fermentations which are impressive.

I’m really glad that the other night with my family, we chose Bagri for our dinner. The children did not know where they were going and first insisted to dine at ANDRe. It’s always delicious there. I did, however, think they should try something new and different. And they did not regret!

See ….

…. “Mom See the Moss on the wall”- there were panels of live moss on the walls;

…. “Mom, see the lamps”- some of them were made of paper, others were like hives- a net of octagons filled with processed eggs packaging. You can see those details in the movie below;

…. The tables were as from raw wood- with uneven edges, very curious;

…. You look at the menu and you wonder which dish to try– everything sounds interesting.

Feel ….

…. Crispy fermented vegetables in one of the starters, in contrast to the ethereal foam from the fermentation juices.

…. Slightly sharp taste of propolis in dessert milk with 7 kinds of honey.

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Hear ….

…. Enjoyable funk style music;

…. The adequate and professional explanations of the waitress about the food- she knew the techniques of food preparation, spoke with great respect and enthusiasm about the strategy of the restaurant, the efforts and professionalism of the chef and chatted friendly with our children;

…. Chef Anton Vasev’s  attention to the customers – he stops by each table to asks about the customers’ opinion about the food, tells with such love about his work, about their sustainable processes, about the seasonal products that they use, about their fermentations. I am glad to meet such enthusiastic young people, full of ideas and plans for new projects!


Smell ….

…. Propolis and honey in dessert milk and 7 types of honey;

…. Freshness and savory notes in Chardonnay Eager 2017;

…. Citrus in the incredible dessert wine from Tokaj, late harvest Oremus and the characteristic aroma of Taylor’s port;

…. The fresh mushroom scent in the Morel (this is a special sponge mushroom) in Tokaj;

…. The aroma of the melted butter in the potato, garnish to the lamb.

Taste ….

…. Literally everything- everything was very tasty. Each dish brings character, tells a story and whispers to the senses tales of Eastern cultures, freedom of pure nature, pastures, streams, breeze….

…. Pouched Turbot- on beans, with crust of Koji (Asian yeast, based on fungus, used for fermentations), crispy flakes of previously dehydrated potato, powdered and then turned to flakes- the children ate it super-fast and repeated several times how tasty it was;

…. Pork loin- aromas from fermentation, downright enchanting against the backdrop of an amazing soft texture!

…. The lamb was amazing- juicy, tender, slightly seared on top- so delicious! We had a little fight with my daughter who would eat more of my portion, despite  she had  already eaten her pouched turbot.

…. Finally, dessert wine by glass from Tokaj and Port-  both very good.

I recommend trying the starter with different fermentations. Following the clockwise direction, you tate various fermented vegetables and fruits, with different shades of aromas, infused in them.

For example, the cucumber pickle is fermented in a fig leaf. The morello is wrapped in chocolate. Between them there is a seared bread for clearing the taste.

Every visitor to Sofia should find time to dine in Bagri to taste best quality products from Bulgarian farms in the most amazing interpretations and spend some quality time.

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Don’t worry about getting to Bagri in Sofia. Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

А: 10, Dobrudja str., Sofia

T: +359 88 507 7927

Е: info@bagri-restaurant.bg

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