Ресторант Гелиус Restaurant Gellius

Restaurant Gellius – a modern interpretation of Carinthian cuisine in Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria

Restaurant Gellius is the restaurant at the Römerbad thermal baths in Bad Kleinkirchheim.

We came across Gelius quite by accident, on the recommendation of our host Matthias, at Das Landhaus Prägant. The cuisine is different, based on traditional Carinthian meals, but with a wink and an elegant finish.

December 2023

Rating for Restaurant Gellius by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 4.5 out of 5.

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Experience accents as per the 5D Sensograph:

See an interesting design inside, with lots of books, it looks slightly hipster, but that coziness is lost in the part with the tables and chairs in the dining area.

Feel a little cold and indifferent service.

Hear world music in a nice chill-out arrangement.

Smell the scent of butter in an appetizer of snails in butter, the aromas of Austrian white wines.

Taste Kasnudeln, a traditional Carinthian stew, game schnitzel, and wine from Austria.


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See in restaurant Gellius …

… Very pleasant decoration, abundant with books, paintings, and graphics on the walls: high wooden tables in the coffee and cocktail area.

… The feeling of coziness in the cafe part is lost in the dining room: it stands a bit empty and uncomfortable with the hard wooden chairs and small tables.

Feel  in restaurant Gellius

… The service is a little cold and kind of rushed: there was a reason for that – only 2 people served all the tables, I guess that’s why they didn’t have much time to stay with the customers, to explain about the food and wine. If it’s your first time in Austria or Carinthia and you’re unsure what to try, I don’t think you’ll get much quality advice.

… There were several suggestions for aperitifs on the menu: sparkling wine from Carinthia and cocktails. It was very strange to me when, upon another order of sparkling wine, which I chose to start the dinner with, the waiter asked me if I wanted another Prosecco. One possibility is that misleading information was given on the menu, the other is that either he doesn’t know that Prosecco can only be from Italy or he thinks that customers are not aware of this fact. It gave me a bad impression, unfortunately.

Hear in restaurant Gellius

… Pleasant music, world hits in a chill-out arrangement: it makes a good impression for a pleasant snack and tasting of the wonderful Austrian wines.

Movie-watching time: 1:38 min.

Smell in restaurant Gellius

… Aroma of toasted butter, Carinthian snails as a starter, Roman style: very appetizing and also tasty!

… Green spices in Kasnudeln: in the cheese filling.

Kasnudeln is a local traditional dish in Carinthia. It looks like large ravioli stuffed with cottage cheese, green spices, onions can also be added. Boil and serve drizzled with melted butter and parsley.

The filling is very nice, but the dough itself is quite thick and dense. As a result, you have a lot of dough, correspondingly carbohydrates and less protein. I like the Italian version with the ravioli better.

Taste  in restaurant Gellius

… The menu abounds, both with meat, including game and with vegetarian and even vegan offerings: the food is delicious and is rooted in the culinary traditions of Carinthia. Feel free to opt for schnitzels and venizon, and why not fish.

… Nut ice cream: they give it in a scoop to the chocolate mousse. Very tasty dessert!

… At the end, we were treated to traditional Christmas sweets: nutcrackers, cantuccini, gingerbread cookies – very tasty.

I recommend Gellius, because of the delicious food and the interesting interior with the book installations. Arm yourself with patience for the service and ask for more clarification if something is not clear to you.

How to get to restaurant Gellius?

Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

A: Dorfstraße 74, 9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria

T: +436642126526

Работно време: всеки ден 11:30-23ч

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