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Score for Sin Kom by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 3.9 of 5.

Last visit in March 2018 with friends and family.


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See ….

…. A slightly depreciated but otherwise very nice hotel – however it is not old and it’s very tidy;

…. Pipes passing through the bathroom, not hidden behind the tiles- the hotel was completely rebuilt in the place of 3 houses, but still there were some strange construction solutions;

…. Damaged shower cabin- it was luxurious once, with different modes of water spraying, however… the sliding door was displaced, which was not visible at the beginning and when I tried to close it, I saw the problem; and the buttons on the control panel were broken too;

… Quite small breakfast hall, quite modest breakfast – the sausages didn’t look tempting at all;

…. Painted canvases on the walls in the hallway – very pleasant!

…. The busy street in front of the hotel- there is a charm in it, and it is convenient, because following it one can reach key locations in the city!


Feel ….

…. Good service, everybody from the personnel was very polite– the receptionists spoke quite good Bulgarian and they were a quite accurate at registration of the guests in the hotel;

…. Spacious and comfortable Comfort Double Room- big like Junior suite, however with only 2 beds and an option for a baby cot;

…. Damaged blinds, if you pull them, then you can’t lower them – the problem is that the hotel is on the main street and all night you will be lit by the street lights;

… Very high stairs from the entrance to the reception and the hotel part- so do not carry much luggage, if you plan to stay for only one night like us, you should carry only one small suitcase.



Hear ….

…. Noise from the main street- the windows cannot isolate it fully;

…. The staff speaks clearly understandable Bulgarian language.


Smell ….

…. The sheets smelled heavily like detergent– pretty compulsive, I prefer the sheets not to smell at all than the smell to follow me later on.  


…. If you order an espresso, you will get a fairly large, filled to the top cup, so specify if you want it short;

…. Unfortunately, breakfast was not very good, but you can always go outside and buy something delicious from the bakery.

It is typical for many citizens of Sofia to visit the ex- western outskirts of Bulgaria for the purpose to visit old Bulgarian historical landmarks, or just to have typical Serbian grill in the pubs, or for a visit to the local market packed with natural and home-made products. So this is how we ended up in Pirot one Friday afternoon. Of course, I made a preliminary reservation here You can do it too in the search box. You keep al your genius disocunts.


The hotel has a pretty high rating of 9.3. It’s a little exaggerated, but looking at the supply around, it’s very likely that this evaluation is correlated to the reality around.

We arrived quite late, but it was easy to find the hotel because it was on the main street. The reception is open 24 hours, the people are very polite and they speak very well, almost like us Bulgarian language.

If you want to enjoy a spacious room, choose a double comfort room. The others are a little tight, but they’re still fine.

The best part is that the pub Kraljev Cardak is exactly 1 min. away from the hotel. Another pub, Ladna Voda, is nearby and also in a short walking distance is the local market, which on Sunday offers a wide variety of natural products. I recommend to buy dairy products, aivar (made from milled peppers, tomatos and egg-plant-very delicious!) as well as meat from the shops around. For more info about Kraljev Cardak you can read more here. It’s worth a lot!

The hotel has its own parking, great convenience for all Bulgarians visiting it. There’s also a breakfast, but I guess it’s better to buy a tasty pastry from the bakeries around.

I recommend the hotel for everyone who needs to stay in Pirot for a night. It’s not a luxury, but it’s decent. Besides, it’s a pretty good accommodation for an overnight stay.


If you need to navigate to Sin-Kom Hotel in Pirot, Serbia, use the Google Maps box by clicking on the red Pin and then hitting Directions:

Pirot 18300, Сърбия

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