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Last time visited in May with family

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See… the nice interior and garden

Smell… do not  the overburnt creme brulee crust

Taste… but ask before that the waiters how exactly and with what products is your dish of choice prepared

Experience… the company of white lice falling from the trees (the garden needs urgent treatment, since the lice will destroy it)

Spaghetti Kitchen and Motto share a garden, which once was known as the garden of Motto- one of the best bar and dinner gardens in the center of Sofia. It was a small escape from the boulevard noise under the cooling trees, with a glass of cocktail or cappuccino and the famous crème brulee, one of the best in the city.

Later the owner of Motto opened Spaghetti Kitchen, which like his other places impresses with stylish interior that invites you for a sweet chat with friends accompanied with good food.

But this is only at first glance. The dishes are very well described in the original and stylish carte, but poorly executed in the kitchen. What you read is not what you get!

I ordered risotto with avocado and prawns. I got a plain boiled greenish rice with two prawns. Neither the technique of preparation, nor the sort of rice were as per the Italian risotto rules.

The burrata in my husband’s salad  was looking inferior, in the bag form, the larger part of which is thick and tough with just a little soft part inside. Well, it was acceptable, taking into consideration that that is the type of burrata sold in supermarkets. Maybe the management did not find the proper supplier.

My kids ordered spaghetti with Italian meatballs. I did not have the desire to try this meal. The spaghetti was looking like ordinary noodles. My younger daughter pushed the meatballs aside and did not eat them.

Well, I was sure that at the end I will hit the right choice with crème brulee. One for me and one for my older daughter who is  fanatic about it. Just to explain that she doesn’t eat other type of dessert and she cooks crème brulee together with me.

I told her how I used to come to this garden to eat her favorite dessert.

Finally our order arrived and the presentation was very impressive. It was served in a ceramic pot with a lid.

……And here ends the good part. When I opened the lid instead of the tempting brown crust and smell of caramel I found a black-brownish cover as if sprinkled with cinder, smelling like cinder. Inside it was so liquid, as if it didn’t spent any minute in the oven. When I asked the waiter why it is so liquid, she told me that this is their special way of serving. My daughter asked what I ordered. She did not recognize her favorite dessert. There were some strawberries aside and she ate only them. Look at the picture and judge by yourself.

Overburnt creme brulee at spaghetti kitchen by placescases.com.jpg
Прегорено крем брюле/ Overburnt creme brulee at spaghetti kitchen by placescases.com.jpg

What a shame for all the other efforts with the design, the garden, the Italian brunch that they organize in Sunday. I was planning to try the latter with friends but after I had one of my worst lunches in Spaghetti Kitchen I decided not to experiment. I don’t want to be disappointed again.

I believe the owner should put more attention to the chefs in his restaurants. The situation is the same with Spaghetti Company in Bulgaria Mall which I don’t visit any more and prefer their competition. A good design only doesn’t make the good restaurant and he knows it well.

If you want to have real Italian cuisine, go somewhere else. At Spaghetti Kitchen you will be offered fake Italian food.

Here is the site: http://spaghetti-kitchen.com/

Address: №9, 6th September str.

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