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Rating for StreetBar and Co by the 5D Sensograph of 4.9 out of 5.

Last visit in April 2018.


Seen                    5 hearts from the 5d Senzografa of hearts by the 5d Sensograph of 

Felt                     4.5 Hearts from the 5d Senzografa of Big Hearts by the 5d Sensogrpah of             

Heard                 5 hearts from the 5d Senzografa of hearts by the 5d Sensograph of     

Smelled              5 hearts from the 5d Senzografa of hearts by the 5d Sensograph of

Tasted                5 hearts from the 5d Senzografa of hearts by the 5d Sensograph of            


See ….

…. They have already settled the tables and the chairs outside-  it’s springtime and it’s warm;

…. Smiling people on  Vitosha str, which is called so because, as you stand along its way and look at the mountain, you see it in all its glory;

…. The variety of ice cream in the window-you can order to a waiter  or for take away;

…. Beautiful miniature curly bowls in which ice cream balls are served;

…. The cappuccino has a picture and a thick foam.


Feel ….

…. The girls who sold the ice cream tried to make me pay for it straight away, instead of telling me that if I was more comfortable, I could order and pay the waiter- isn’t it more important the client to feel comfortable than the salespeople?

…. The  weather is getting warmer- you see the chairs and tables outside, and the people sitting on them;

…. Slightly crispy pieces of pistachios in the ice cream.

Hear ….

…. Clamor from people on the street, walking and sitting in restaurants.

Smell ….

…. Exclusive authentic flavor of ice cream with pistachios;

…. Mango flavor in mango ice cream.


Taste …. 

…. Mandatory ice cream- exclusive ice cream: mango, pistachio, chocolate;

…. Cappuccino or usual espresso;

Several types of homemade lemonade;

…. Many kinds of cocktails.


You are walking down Vitosha street in the very center of Sofia and you feel like sitting down for a drink or some ice cream. Your place is StreetBar & Co. You won’t regret it. If you don’t have time, take your ice cream to go. The one with pistachios is unique, I haven’t eaten such kind anywhere in Sofia.

By the way, do you remember a wonderful cocktail bar from the past times behind the Art gallery, named Toba & Co? The two bars have a lot in common.

Come, see you in Streetbar & Co!

A: Sofia, 44 Vitosha  str.

T: + 359 889 898 247

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