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Boulderland Funtopia

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Hear: the exalted laughter and screams of happy children having sheer fun

See: modern design of the place, tempting you to put sweat pants, soft shoes and attack the wall with the colorful grips; many young people and kids with happy faces; brave people climbing a boulder that looks impossible to be climbed

Touch: the grips that help you to rise higher and higher, up to the high ceiling; the special padded soft floor which makes you feel secured;

Play: like a child, have fun, challenge yourself, come back for more, do it with your friends, kids or even better- with both


Did you know that the best builders in the world of artificial boulders and climbers are from Bulgaria. The name of the company is Walltopia. Check the link here : http://www.walltopia.com/
If you are in Sofia and feel like climbing or you are willing to team-build in action, or you need to organize fabulous Birthday party for your kid and his/her friends, go to Funtopia. This is the place where the guys from Walltopia change gravity and you can be part of this experience. Funtopia is a very well organized place for indoor climbing both for pros and starters, for kids and adults, for boys and girls. You never feel bored or out of place there. Once you challenge yourself under the supervision of a professional trainer, you come back for more. Beware, you may become addicted.
You need to book your visit in the schedule in advance. You can do it online or by phone: http://funtopia.eu/en/booking-6.html
The pros in climbing will find the place well organized, equipped with boulders which vary in difficulty. They can rely on good coaching by other pros, passionate about extreme sports too.

Funtopia is on the top floor of Paradise Mall in Sofia. If you do not feel like climbing but your kids desperately beg you to go there, surrender them to the charge of the trainers who will take full care of them and visit the Climbar for a drink. You can also enjoy a cup of cappuccino or espresso downstairs in the Eat.it. The better version of this experience is to invite friends- both yours’ and your kid’s. The best is, although you are more a coffee drinker and not much of a sports figure, to put some soft shoes, sweat pants and check why your kids are so passionate about climbing. Who knows- you may become addicted too.

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