Mala Fabrika Ukusa, Belgrade, photo by placescases.com

Traditional Serbian cuisine with a modern interpretation in Mala Fabrika Ukusa, Belgrade

Mala Fabrika Ukusa score by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 4.9 out of 5.

November 2019


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Mala Fabrika Ukusa-MFU, is the sister of the already described Ambar and Toro, which are on Beton Hala. Unlike the modern and party style of the last two, MFU is a small neat restaurant, with rustic interior, offering delicious dishes, grills and other local specialties.

Its name means small taste factory. The audience here is mostly Serbs, unlike another described by me establishment in Belgrade- Salon 5, where mostly foreigners would visit. Even the restaurant’s website is in Serbian only. 

See ….

…. From the entrance, you are welcomed by a decoration of baskets with fresh colourful vegetables, herbariums in frames of traditional Balkan herbs and plants.

…. It’s always full of people. You need a reservation;

…. Fun shaped menu, corresponding to the pleasant rustic interior. Look at it in the movie below.

Feel ….

…. Quick service, a sense of humor by the waiter, asks from where we are, immediately says he has friends from Bulgaria. This is a common occurrence here, when you say that you are from Bulgaria, Serbs share when they were there for the last time, whether they have relatives and friends Bulgarians and there you have a friendly conversation;

…. A feeling of being on a farm and eating wonderful traditional meal;

…. A combination of traditional dishes with original presentation.

Hear ….

…. Well, I couldn’t really hear what kind of music there was, because the place was full of visitors and everyone was talking, but the noise was pleasant- the people were happy and satisfied with life.

Movie watching time: 1:52 min.

Smell ….

…. Spices and eggplant in the delicious moussaka;

…. The aroma of the dried plum with the smell of the roasted bacon enwrapping it, creatively served on a stick. It’s that thing in that video that looks like a lollipop;

…. Naturally, the smell of the grill is quite tempting, at least for every carnivore.

Taste ….

…. Mixed grilled meat, it is traditional here- there is a pleskavitsa (a flat meat ball), steak, chebapi (another local meal from minced meat),  Ushtiptsi (again made from minced meat…. very tasty;

…. Kiev cutlet, which here is called the Karadžordževa Shnitsla- very delicious!;

…. The moussakata was delicious but it had a little thicker eggs topping for my taste;

…. The ribs were nice, but a little salty to my taste;

…. Be sure to try the Shnenokle, which is actually the French dessert Floating island. In the past, the Bulgarian housewives named it Cream Swans. It represents whipped egg whites, the Swans, floating on a sauce made of egg yolk and milk or cream, or the so cold creme anglaise. I tried this one also at Lorenzo & Kakalamba but I did not like it as much as here!

…. As in every Serbian establishment, it is good to taste rakia (the local brandy), try all  types.

You may ask how rakia differs from brandy. You can read it in details in my post WHICH ARE THE BALKAN MEDALISTS IN THE WORLD COMPETITION SPIRITS SELECTION?.

I recommend strongly Mala Fabrika Ukusa, as well as the other two restaurants from the same collection, located on Beton Hala.

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How to get there?

Don’t worry about getting to Mala Fabrika Ukusa in Belgrade. Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

Небојшина 49, Београд 11000, Сърбия

A: Nebojsina 49a qBelgrade, Serbia

T: +381 11 2435727

E: office@malafabrikaukusa.com

If you need a rent-a-car, you can book it here in the box of the largest booking platform.

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