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Try the Traditional Bansko Specialties in Baryakova Mehana

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July 2019


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Those Bansko cooks are great! This tavern has been for 100 years and continues to attract Bulgarians and foreigners with their dishes.

See ….

…. The restaurant is furnished in a rustic style- embroideries, patterned tablecloths, geraniums and pelargoniums, wooden tools, copper pots and other household tools, preserved by the old Bulgarian houses;

…. The wine and rakia are served in pottery;

…. They have branded clay plates.

Feel ….

…. The waiters are cheerful and playful- they explain the meals so that you wish to eat them all, and they offer  you from time to time to top up your pottery cup with more rakia, wine…;

…. The crispy skin of the slowly-prepared in oven pork leg.

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Hear ….

…. The sizzling sound of meat, served on a special hot plate, to finish its cooking on your table;

…. I don’t know if it’s Friday and Saturday only, but there’s a little orchestra singing live local folklore, typical for the region of Pirin mountain.

Smell ….

…. The appetizing smell of homemade fries-crispy and very tasty;

…. The meat they serve on a hot plate on your table, besides that they’re sizzling appetizing, they also smell temptingyou can eat them right away, but they’re really hot on that plate, so as long as you can hear them, you can only wait impatiently.

Taste ….

…. A pork leg, slowly cooked- it’s just falling apart from the bone. It is totally enough for 2 if you eat salads before it;

…. Fried wings- the children ate them in no time;

…. Try some appetizer, something on that hot plate, named Sach. All the meat is good on that thing.

Although in Bansko there are already quite exquisite restaurants like the Italian Leonardo, in Lucky Bankso Aparthotel, it is a real classic, and it is also mandatory to go to a traditional pub. Baryakova is one of the oldest and classic good taverns there. I recommend it!

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Don’t worry about getting to Baryakovata Mehana in Bansko. Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

A: 3 Velian Ognev, Bankso, Bulgaria

T: +359 89 967 0734

Open hours: every day from 12:00 to 02:00

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