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Ubud Raya Resort score by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 4.7 out of 5.

June 2018


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A 15-minute drive from Ubud, hidden from the main road lies Ubud Raya Resort. Indonesian Raya means main street. Only, this holiday village is not at all on the main road, but in a quiet alley that leaves from it. It consists of 18 villas, which have one, two and three rooms.  Our villa was called Arjuna and it was offered to us as a 4-member family. My humble opinion is that only one room can accommodate us, as long as they put in a sofa bed. Prices are super good- it costed EUR 150 per night for the whole family, including breakfast. I made my reservation through booking.com here on my site, placescases.com and even received a genius discount, an option for late check-out and a free shuttle from the airport. Read down what else we got at this price.


See ….

…. Courtyard in the villa with a grass and Balinese-style pool and on both sides,  there are two houses which represent the bedrooms, each with a separate bathroom;

…. “The living room” or the living area is outdoors under a canopy opposite the pool. There’s kitchen cupboards, gas hobs, cutlery, plates, a saucepan, but that’s it. There are no knives to cut, ladles and any other necessary cooking supplies. Hence from non-use, they adherent powder mixed with moisture and this does not stimulate the unleashing in the kitchen. Unfortunately, there is no refrigerator, except that of the minibar, which is downright miniature and absorbed by the soft drinks. This is a drawback because if you buy fruits or drinks, you cannot store them in cold;

…. In the room, there are plenty of beautiful paintings, woodcarvings, wooden statuettes- the local art is everywhere, it is worthwhile to visit a studio for woodcarving and to buy memorabilia from this wonderful place;

…. Banana and any other palms, frangipani, orchids and many other exotic shrubs, flowers and trees which names I do not know;

…. Not only the flora, but also the fauna is very interesting– fat, shiny lizards, another kind of tiny fast geckos, cute little frogs, bats at dusk, huge striped and smooth, slow flying butterflies. One morning I was going to be late if it wasn’t for a rat who took a walk in the attic space pretty loudly and woke me up. I saw him over the wooden grill, which was the bottom roof in the bathroom. When I started to slap the flip-flops, he stately left. Don’t worry, the rat can’t get into the room unless you’re sleeping with the door of the villa open. Besides, all the beds are with baldachin, so you can wrap the bed with it and not worry about anything, including mosquitoes.

…. Huge bedrooms and bathrooms-I’m not kidding, they’re huge.

Feel ….

…. The slow rhythm of Bali’s life, in harmony with nature but at any request by the guests, the staff responds quite adequately and on time;

…. Wet heat during the day, not more than 30 degrees in centigrade, cool nights with 26-21 degrees, which feels colder because of the humidity and because we are in the jungle- perfect combination. It is also good to know that in June this is the dry season in Indonesia and fortunately it does not rain on us as it was about 11 years ago in January;

…. Breakfast is ordered from the day before and is carried at the appointed hour in the villa, but not earlier than 7:30 and no later than 10:30. Of course there is an option if you want to eat it in the hotel restaurant. Otherwise it’s cooler to get up and sit at the table at home;

…. The rooms are cleaned once a day and the staff leave you two small bottles of mineral water. The minibar is stocked with soft drinks and water only. I wish I had small bottles of alcohol like in other minibars to enjoy a little drink in the room the first night when I struggled jet-lag;

…. In the huge houses there was only one garbage bin, which I constantly moved around trying to figure out which is the most comfortable place to put it, in the bathroom or in the bedroom and after all I found that one recycle bin is too few and we need at least two;

…. The villa has wi- fi but practically we had no internet at all. We informed the reception, but we never obtained a proper connection although we were given access to the next villa. The signal there was very weak. We bought a starter package and so we solved the problem, temporarily because of the 4G package was exhausted very fast.

…. There were no hangers for the clothes, which astonished me because there were stand for them and two robes placed each on a wooden hanger. However, when I requested more hangers I was immediately provided with them;


Hear ….

…. The song of the crickets at night but also from time to time the call of a lizard, single quack-quack by the frogs, and from 3 a.m. at night roosters join the choir– all this symphony is not irritating at all but very, very pleasant;

…. The melodic pronunciation of ”thank you” in English by the Balinese with palms touching in Prana Mudra, i.e. In front of the sternum, with a slight bow- there is so delicacy, subtlety and truthfulness in this gesture that you instinctively start mirroring it to return the same sweet attitude;

…. In the restaurant local folk instrumental music called Gamelan, played mostly percussion instruments- gong, metallophone and something like a bamboo xylophone, which is called Anklung.



Smell …

…. Frangipani- a low tree or shrub typical of these latitudes, which colours are very aromatic and are like a symbol for these places;

…. The eastern spices in the rice and noodles, which you can order as a Balinese option for breakfast;

…. The sweet flavours of fresh juices for breakfast, pineapple, watermelon, papaya and orange, as well as the chopped fruit that they carry every morning (the staff didn’t bring them one morning, so I reminded them to carry them regularly);

…. The pleasant smell of the repellent sticks provided the hotel staff every night against mosquitoes.


Taste ….

…. Very nice option for breakfast Croque Madame – toast with ham and mozzarella in the middle and topped with fried egg. You can choose your variant Croque Monsieur with pineapple instead of egg on top;

…. An American breakfast with 2 eggs with the option to choose from all the variants you can think of for preparing them, bacon, sausage, salad and bread, or croissant if you want;

…. Very pleasant coffee prepared in the local way. The taste resembles an idea of the Turkish coffee known in Bulgaria. Read my article WHAT IS KOPI LUWAK? to know more about the wonderful coffee from Bali island;

…. In the restaurant there are popular local nasi- goreng, mi- goreng, goreng with seafood, pizzas, meat, fish-a small menu with quality food;

…. The restaurant offered only one kind of white and one red wine but they were out of white wine, so I couldn’t order. 😐

Ubud Raya Resort,was chosen by our friends, i.e. I had no expectations, since I didn’t bother to search and compare options to choose accommodation. So the pleasure that we encountered such a nice place was immense. I can call Ubud Raya Resort,a hidden gem.

It is a place suitable for complete relaxation, far from the noise of the city, pubs and other noisy intensive stimuli- only the silence of the jungle and its natural exotic sounds… plus hens and roosters. 😊 The resort was very quiet and it seemed to me to be empty however we met some other guests occasionally. Actually, while I was writing this review, still residing in Ubud Raya Resort, on Sunday night, at 2 a.m. At night, I was started by a noise of contemporary local music  from the area around. It was too loud and ruined my Zen. ☹ Well that stopped after circa 30min. The next night, you could hear loud music from somewhere. Turns out it was one of the villas. My friends have told the reception that they are uncomfortable and the music has stopped.

The hotel has a SPA and yoga, cooking classes or one to prepare traditional gifts of flowers, which are served every day to the statues of Hindu gods. However, there must be at least 4 people for the courses.


How to book your stay at Ubud Raya Resort?

Very easy, here in the box of booking.com, you will even use all genius discounts and privileges. Just enter the dates, then click the Search button and you’re ready.


How to get to Ubud Raya Resort?

Check-up for promotions of Qatar Airways with the QR code below. This is how we booked our tickets at very affordable prices.

Once on the island, to get to hotel Ubud Raya Resort, use the placescases.com and the google maps guide, hit the red pin on the map and then tap directions:

Jl. Raya Sayan, Br. Sindu, Sayan, Ubud, Sayan, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Индонезия

A: Jl. Raya Sayan | Banjar Sindu, Ubud 80571, Indonesia

T: + 62 361 8987387

E: info@ubudrayaresort.com

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