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I am very pleased to share that placescases.com already has its first video with original author’s music of the extremely talented young Bulgarian composer Martin Alexandrov. Marty composes serious symphonic music, but also computer games soundtracks. He is able to create jazz compositions and is an incredible discovery for me. He was introduced to me by the marketing and PR manager of the best contemporary Bulgarian rock group Jeremy?, Gergana Noikova. I am grateful to her for this gesture! I wish, instead of using the available royalty free music on the internet, to do something for some talented Bulgarian composer, to his/her works in parallel with my blog and YouTube channel, as I do with the restaurants in Bulgaria. And I hope that I can do many more things in the future with this mission of mine.

Now you’re probably wondering what kind of quirk is such a strange combination as a Viennese waltz and Asian ethno elements. I wanted to present a very special place that became favorite to my  whole family and this was the Japanese restaurant Shiki in Vienna, which also has a Michelin star. Shiki does not offer just one experience with traditional cuisine, but an exceptional combination of Eastern and European style, both in the interior and in the cuisine.

As an answer to the question whether a Viennese waltz could be combined with Asian motives, Marty just sent to me his piece. I’ll let you figure out by yourself when you watch the video. I really liked this combination! I hope you enjoy it too! Many thanks to Martin for his support and creative inspiration!

If you enjoyed what you saw and heard, I invite you to subscribe for the YouTube channel of placescases.com and then to do the same with Martin Alexandrov’s YouTube channel. He has also a Soundcloud profile which you can follow. I am sure you will hear a lot about this guy in the future and I am very proud that somehow I became part of his path to success. The 5D Sensograph of placescases.com gives all of its 5 hearts to Martin Alexandrov‘s music.

5 hearts from the 5d Senzografa of placescases.com/5 hearts by the 5d Sensograph of placescases.com

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