Кътче в в салон Витоша, Терминал 2, летище София / Vitosha Aspire Lounge at Sofia Airport
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Last visit with friends in October 2017.

Score for Salon Vitosha, Sofia airport, Terminal 2 of the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 4.2 of 5.


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… Boring brown color of interior;

… Empty at 5 am;

… Bites that don’t look like prepared with great attention to detail.


… Indifferent  hostess – she could not and did not want to answer my questions;

… No toilet in the lounge – no matter if you are VIP and have a pack of some special cards, you are equal to other travelers before the “white horse” and you have to visit the common toilets on the floor.


… Silence mostly and that was relaxing.


… The smell of coffee.


…. The food was not a culinary masterpiece, but you can eat well;

… Tetrapak juices, coffee from a machine, not from an Italian machine, tea, water, milk, carbonated beverages.


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The dominant brown colour in the interior of Vitosha Aspire lounge at Terminal 2, Sofia airport does not cheer me up at all. The hostess was not very polite, probably because 5 am is not a good time to be at work.

On the photos of the lounge at Priority Pass site I saw machine for fresh juices, but it wasn’t there.

There’s a decent Wi-Fi, so you can work while you are waiting.

Next time I will go to another lounge.

Address: Terminal 2, 1st floor, Sofia airport

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 4:00-to the last flight on schedule. 22.00 h.

Children under 2 years old are not allowed.

Maximum stay – 3 hours.

For more information and details about Vitosha Aspire Lounge, Sofia airport, follow the link on the icon:


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