About placescases.com

What is placescases.com about?

… This is a blog, reviewing nd evaluating interesting places in Sofia, Bulgaria and around the world. In my stories and short movies, assembled from the photos and videos taken during my visits there, I pay special attention to the details that impressed me most as a client.

Who is the author of placescases.com?

… I prefer my humble persona to stay in the background and give preference to the protagonists of my blog stories – the places and events I describe. Maybe its worth only to mention that I have a long managerial experience in large companies; I have a great and cohesive family; I love fine dining, traveling, cooking with my children, going to concerts, any kind of performances, gathering together with friendly people and sharing with them what I see, hear, feel, smell and taste.

Are placescases.com publications paid?

… It’s important to say that all posts, rating places are NOT paid. Texts that are written by the invitation of someone, do not contain assessments, so the 5D Sensograph is completely impartial and objective.

What is a 5D Sensograph ?

… This is a tool for evaluating the places I describe, a trademark created by me specifically for my blog placescases.com.

How does the 5D Sensograph work?

… With this tool I award with hearts, from 1 to 5, what I have seen, felt, heard, smelled, tasted, and my overall experience at a place, supporting my decisions with examples.

For whom is placescases.com?

…. If you want to be informed about….

Which places deserve most to be visited in Sofia, in Bulgaria and some other countries;

What to expect there without annoying trials and errors, and money spent unnecessarily;

What details there make your time well spent;

How to book your stay at these places that you liked most in my reviews and rent a car, right away without any more time wasting?

…. Then this blog is for you!


…. If you are a restaurateur/hotelier/manager in the leisure and hospitality business and you want to know….

⇒ What a well-informed, committed and well-meaning customer likes or dislikes about your place;

⇒ What can you improve to attract more visitors;

⇒ Whether you offer added value and memorable experience to your customers, to keep them returning and loyal?

….Then this blog is for you too!


Is placescases.com socially responsible?

…. I would very much like to think about my blog as a socially responsible endeavor because one of my goals is to popularize the best places in Bulgaria, offering memorable  experiences, as described in the theory about “The Experience Economy”, by the world famous economists Joseph Pine and James Gilmore. I hope that the readers who are not from Bulgaria  will follow my recommendations and spend the best possible way their time and budget, keeping precious memories from my country.

How do I get to the place I liked at placescases.com?

… Each post has a Google map box at the bottom that will take you right there if you press the red pin and then choose Directions.

How and why did placescases.com show up?

… A while ago, when I was trying to plan a 3-day trip with my husband on the French Riviera, I dug in all kinds of platforms and forums on the Internet. I just wanted to make sure that we only go to places that were special, and we’re sure to love them. Because of my intense workload in the office and scarce free time, fully committed by our two little children, this effort took me a whole week and I was still not sure where it was worth going. Then I accidentally stumbled upon a blog that greatly impressed me with the author’s publications, written briefly, clearly, but at the same time emotionally and enthralling. Thanks to it, we visited exceptional places and enjoyed a fantastic trip. This inspired me and I started writing reviews on TripAdvisor, where I reached the highest 6 level for contribution and 80k readers. Very soon afterwards I created placescases.com. I now have over 130k readers.

Where can you find placescases.com?

… Besides here, on the main blog page, you can follow placescases.com also on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok.

I will be happy to discuss with you everything that excites you about my publications in the comments area.

How to contact me directly?

… at author@placescases.com or Facebook Messenger.

Hey, you just read the whole text? Great, I give you all 5 hearts by the 5D Sensograph and I wish you many happy emotions and new memorable experiences at the places you read about on my blog placescases.com!

5 hearts from 5D Sensation of placescases.com / 5 hearts by the 5D Sensor of placescases.com

Visit a new place, make a great case!


All publications describing places visited by the author of placescases.com reflect her momentary personal impressions as a client and not an assessment by a professional and/or generally accepted truth or fact.