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What is placescases.com?

… This is a blog for reviews and ratings of interesting places. Here I describe the coolest restaurants, hotels, and events of my gourmet and other trips in Sofia, Bulgaria or around the world. I pay special attention to interesting details, which add value to the unique appearance and atmosphere of those places.


Who is the author of placescases.com?

… This is not so interesting. I prefer my modest personality to stay in the background and give priority to the main characters of my blog – the places and events I am describing. In order not to suspect that I am a some troll or an elf, I can only add that I have a long managerial experience in the sales of large companies; I have a great and cohesive family; that I love gourmet, travelling, cooking with my children, going to concerts and performances, organizing parties and trips with friends and sharing with people what I see, hear, feel, smell and taste.

Are placescases.com publications paid?

… Simply and clear- they are not. If at some point I start writing text by the invitation of owners, managers, artists, or post some other type of product positioning, I’ll find a way to show this  so that I guarantee you that 5D Sensograph ratings remain impartial and objective.

What is a 5D Sensograph ?

… This is a trademark tool created by me specifically for my blog placescases.com, which rates my experiences at the places I visit. The 5D Sensograph refracts my perception through the prism of the 5 senses to convey it to your sight, hearing, taste, sensitivity, and sense of smell.

How does the 5D Sensograph evaluate?

… It assesses by the means of  hearts on each of the 5 senses and finally gives a general score for an overall experience. The highest value is 5 hearts and the minimum is 1. When the score is different than 5, I describe in detail what, I think, should be improved. Naturally, I do not oblige anyone with my opinion. It is an expression of instant personal impressions as a client, not a common truth or fact. It is not professional, it may not coincide with the opinion of other people and does not engage anyone.

For whom is placescases.com?

… Do you want to … ?

⇒ Plan quickly and efficiently where to go in your limited free time without having to spend any part of it for endless exploring the Internet;

⇒ Feel the excitement of visiting new places without having to go through the long and wasting trial-error process;

⇒ Know where the coolest places are to have fun or relax;

⇒ Find pleasure and joy in the details of the place you plan to visit.

So this blog is for you too!

… Are you interested in … ?

⇒ What do an experienced benevolent customer think about the place, restaurant, hotel you run or the events you organize;

⇒ Which is your unique advantage over other businesses like yours;

⇒ What can you do to make your customers more satisfied?

So this blog is for you too!

How can I make a reservation for a hotel that I liked here?

… If you are impressed by hotel listed on the blog and you decide to stay in it, you can directly book your reservation at the booking.com box, retaining all your genius benefits and special offers that you have there. Just enter the dates and click the Search button.

Is placescases.com socially responsible?

… I would very much like to think about my blog as a socially responsible enterprise because I hope my constructive feedback helps the owners and managers in hospitatlity business to understand how a value added service contributes to the best customer experience. My view is inspired by the concept of experience economy which I find modern and visionary. I believe my recommendations promote to ex-pats, new citizens or guests of Bulgaria the best places to visit, to keep wonderful memories of its beautiful nature, the delicious food and the new Bulgarian friendships.

How do I get to the place I liked at placescases.com?

… At the end of each post  there is a placescases.com and Google map guide that will take you straight there if you hit the red pin and then choose Directions.

Why did you make this blog?

… Some time ago, when I was trying to plan a trip with my husband on the French Riviera, I scrambled through all the platforms and forums in Internet to make sure we were going to visit places that were worth it and we would spend the best of our time. Against the backdrop of my busy day and limited leisure time, fully engaged by our two young children of 2 and 1 y.o., this effort took me a whole week. Then I happened to fall on a blog written in a compact, understandable, and emotional manner, which impressed me very much. Thanks to it we visited exclusive places and spent a fantastic holiday. It inspired me and I started writing tripadvisor reviews, where I reached the top 6 level for contribution, and very soon after that I created placescases.com. At the moment, my readers in tripadvisor are about 80 thousand and I hope to have so many here too. 😉

Where can I find the reviews and ratings of placescases.com?

… Besides here, on the main blog page, you can follow placescases.com in its profiles:


I will be happy to discuss with you everything that excites you about my publications, so you can ask, share an opinion or comment there. 😊

How do I contact you as the author of the blog for a partnership, question, opinion, assistance, or just a comment?

… Very easy – write to me at author@placescases.com or why not in the Facebook Messenger profile of the blog.

Hey, you just read the whole text? Great, I give you all 5 hearts by the 5D Sensograph and I wish you lots of nice emotions, new experiences and exciting trips with placescases.com!

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