Джанъм Скай Клуб Djanam Sky Club

Dinner with a program at Djanam Sky Club, Sofia, Bulgaria

Djanam Sky Club is something like a cabaret, i.e., it combines dinner with a program. This concept has become increasingly popular lately. In Sofia, there are already at least 4 such establishments. On the blog’s Instagram profile, I reflected in several posts about Lafayette in Belgrade, and at this stage, this place became the benchmark with which I compare the next similar ones I visit.

Lafayette was the reason I started exploring one by one its counterparts in Sofia, and the first of them is precisely Djanam Sky Club because several people pointed it out as the most current and trendy at the moment.

Djanam Sky Club is located on the top, 22nd floor, of the Astoria Hotel, formerly known as Rodina, where there is also a casino. The cabaret program can be entirely with the Nova ballet, plus a saxophone performance, or there might be a guest singer or duo, mainly from the pop-folk genre and Greek music. Obviously, the place has gained popularity because there were groups from different cities in Bulgaria, as we understood from the greetings that the DJ was giving.

February 2024

Rating for Djanam Sky Club by the 5D Sensograph: 4,5 out of 5.

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        4 hearts rating 129x20

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Experience accents as per the 5D Sensograph:

See the biggest advantage is the view from the 22nd floor. Of course, there’s also the program of Ballet Nova.

Feel fast service. Smoking is allowed openly in the establishment. Oddly, there is no cloakroom or hangers for outerwear.

Hear nice dance music and live saxophone performances, but from a certain point onwards, only pop-folk without any variety in the genre.

Smell aromas from hookahs. The dishes are prepared from quality products, smelling appetizing.

Taste the food, it’s delicious, special attention can be paid to the meat, expertly prepared, but some of the side dishes don’t quite come together.

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Джанъм Скай КлубDjanam Sky Club

See in Djanam Sky Club …

… A large space on the 22nd floor, but the tables are quite densely arranged. Unfortunately, the stage is quite small, and it feels a bit claustrophobic for the ballet. There are 2 selfie locations near the restrooms.

… The menu includes diverse and interesting offerings: I can’t say the dishes are virtuoso performances, there’s not particularly great attention to plating, but the concept is not gourmet- it’s simply tasty food presented decently.

… I expected more class: for example, a beautiful wine list could have been paired with some more expensive glassware. However, I understand this opinion is based on a comparison with a quite good example, and I’m not aware of the expenses for maintaining a higher-end assortment of glasses in such an establishment, so I won’t be too critical- I’m just expressing my opinion.

Feel  in Djanam Sky Club

… Smoking is allowed openly: for many people, this is a plus, as a party-style place may imply such an option, but personally, I don’t support this choice, not to mention it is against the law. Fortunately, a large number of people smoke hookah, so it doesn’t get too smoky.

… The service is good: they work efficiently, and they respond adequately to the needs of customers. When you make a reservation, you have to pay a deposit of 50 BGN per person, but they want it before 9 pm. I understand the requirement- after all, you’re expected to have dinner in peace before the program starts, as communication with the waiters becomes difficult due to loud music later on.

… There’s room for improvement in the program, but it’s not bad: Considering the small stage and the lack of an entrance fee for the artists, it was okay. The ballet is good, but the singing performance seemed like it was either lip-sync or playback, i.e., one of the ballerinas acted as a singer and wasn’t actually singing but just moving her lips. At least, that’s how I perceived it, I might be wrong.

… For guests of the establishment, the hotel offers parking: the fee is around 4 BGN per hour. Since we waited a long time for Drink&Drive, the doorman suggested arranging a driver to take us.

… There’s no wardrobe for customers’ outerwear, especially taking into consideration the allowed smoking, it is an ommission: I think it should be considered, even for a small fee if necessary. After all, anyone who can afford to come here should be able to spare up to 5 BGN for such a service.


Hear in Djanam Sky Club

… The music, selected by the DJ, is somewhat like for a wedding, but after 24 pm, there is a significant emphasis on pop-folk, without giving a chance for variety. I believe that this monotony and bias in only one direction repel a part of the audience that identifies with other musical genres. The place could be more universal if attention is paid to this balance. Even pop-folk fans began to leave, seeking other places to continue the night, so there is a chance to retain an audience that doesn’t fancy nightclubs and pop-folk music as much, appreciating a different type of entertainment.

… Despite the high decibels of the music, the sound system is of high quality and does not distort the sound. Only on some higher-frequency vocals, it became unpleasant, which could have been due to the poor quality of the recording.

Movie-watching time: 1:01 min.

Smell in Djanam Sky Club

… There is quite a scent of perfumes from the hookahs, but that is a better option than the smell of electronic cigarettes. The good news is that it doesn’t get smoky from cigarette smoke.


Taste  in Djanam Sky Club

… The food is delicious: the cuisine is diverse, with a slight emphasis on Eastern flavors. There is a serious focus on various meat options (after all, it’s Djanam), but there are also seafood choices. I’m not sure they thought of vegan choices, though. The portions are sized so that you can eat well with 2 dishes. It won’t be enough with just a salad or just an appetizer- even the combination of both may not suffice. You should confidently order an appetizer and a main course, prepare to pay a bit more than usual, but you’ll be satisfied.

… I have two small remarks: the asparagus wasn’t cleaned from the tough part, and the marinated sea bass looked like something spat out, but it was tasty.

… Good wine list and overall alcohol selection: if you fancy sparkling wine but find Champagne at 130 to 150 EUR expensive, go for Cava – made in the same method but significantly cheaper and, on top of that, better than some overly popular representatives of Champagne.

I would recommend Djanam Sky Club for lunch and dinner, and as a cabaret for people who don’t mind pop-folk and Greek music or are willing to leave before midnight if they’re not fans. Whether I would return there, yes for lunch with pleasure, and maybe if I had to take foreigners who desire a dinner with a program. If they are Serbians who have been to Lafayette, I wouldn’t take them to Djanam- the comparison is not in favor of the latter.

And some more videos from the party.


How to get to Djanam Sky Club?

Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

A: Sofia Center, bulevard “General Eduard I. Totleben” 8, 1606 Sofia

T: +359 876 544 544

Open hours: the FB page says “always open”

How to book your stay?

I recommend that you check the packages that the hotel offers on their website because they are very affordable. But for your convenience, I have also put a box on booking.com. Compare the prices and choose an option.


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