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See reviews and short films about places for educational or pure entertainment, specially selected by placescases.com. Check-up the rating by the 5D Sensograph about art, theatre, cinema, exhibition, opera, concert, club, party, any fun experiences. It is based on the 5 human senses.

Cover photo: “The Thracian”, sculpture by Doko Dokov in the center of Kazanlak. Reading time: 3 min You don’t have 3 min to read? Then

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See a specially selected list by placescases.com, with museums and galleries in Sofia and Bulgaria offering a virtual tour. Recently opened for visitors.

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The debut album of Jeremy front page, design by Kolyo Karamfilov by placescases.com

Last visit with family in May 2016 Rating by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: Seen             Felt               Heard                 

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La Cubanita En El Mar by placescases.com

Last time visited in August 2015 with friends and family   See…  the sea view to the Black Sea, the emotional show of Alfredo Torres

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