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Returning to a favorite place – Villa Yana, Zmeyovo village, Stara Zagora

Ever since the previous trip, I had been making plans on how I would return to Villa Yana. This place is so nice that almost everyone who has been there wants to come back again, bring other friends to enjoy it.

Experience accents as per the 5D Sensograph:

You will see impressive author’s art and plating of the food.

You will feel welcome, the friendliness of the  a dog and a cat pets and the comfort to have your favorite series on SMART TV, the warmth of the sauna combined with a view of the Japanese garden.

You will hear the secrets of making good wine at Better Half Cellar.

You will smell enchanting aromas of the food in Villa Jana.

You will taste great fine dining and wine and taste Better Half’s latest wines

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Reading time: 5 min

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See in Villa Yana ….

… Impressive art: I thought I had seen all the paintings and sculptures of Villa Yana, but it turns out, there are still some that I notice now for the first time, at least I have not been in all the rooms, and each of them is different, with individual style and art;

… Plating of the food at dinner and the arrangement of the buffet at breakfast: The beautifully prepared food every night, different, special, well paired with the wonderful wine of Better Half by Dalakovs.

Feel in Villa Yana ….

… The feeling of being welcome. We have only been guests in the house once, and Yana, the owner and manager of the place, welcomed us like old friends. It is so easy and pleasant to communicate with her that you want to talk with her for hours and on all kinds of topics with her, over a glass of fine wine;

… Enjoying the company of a cat and a dog pets: a wonderful and wise chihuahua named Ronnie James Dio, who does not bark, but welcomes with pleasure every new guest. Ronnie has a very beautiful and graceful roommate, who walks past him with dignity, without much attention, the cat Elizabeth I, pure black with a little white on her lap. She is very calm and even lets you pet her;

… Your favourite TV shows from Apple, Netflix, etc are here: If you don’t feel like going anywhere around the area while you’re there, you can watch your favorite series, from Netflix, Apple TV or another platform, because the smart TVs, with large screens in the rooms, have this option.

… … The heat of the sauna combined with a view of the Japanese garden: You have the option to use the sauna, which has a wonderful view of a small neat Japanese garden with exotic bamboos, you just have to announce your intention in advance to have it turned on.

Hear in Villa Yana ….

… The secret to achieving the wonderful nose and taste of Better Half wines: Yana’s stories about the way they vinify in Better Half, the philosophy of the cellar, and if you are lucky and Nikolay Dalakov himslef is there in person, he will show you his youngest wine, he will tell you what his intentions are for it, what his expectations are, in what year it was harvested.


Movie watching time: 3:32 min.

Smell in Villa Yana ….

… Appetizing breakfast aromas: The breakfast, which is included in the price of the night’s stay, is one of the best you will find in Bulgaria. The kitchen uses many quality local products – cheese, meat, sausages, yogurt, homemade jam, honey. Every single thing is very tasty and high quality. The tea is mountain, from the area of the village of Zmeevo.

… Coffee scent in the room: There are complimentary capsules and espresso machines in the rooms, so as soon as you get up you can make yourself a coffee and the room fills with that pleasant morning aroma. You lie down on the comfortable lounge chair, sip your cup and read your favorite book.

Taste in Villa Yana ….

… Awesome fine dining paired with Better Half wines: Whether you choose a 5- or 6-course tasting menu paired with Better Half’s wines or choose a home style dinner, you will have the great opportunity to enjoy the wonderful culinary art of Maxi, the Chef whose cuisine is on a high level of fine dining. You can enjoy it visually in the short film about Villa Yana.

… The winery’s latest wines: It’s fun to find out what new wine is maturing and getting ready for bottling at Better Half – my favorite winery in Bulgaria.

In my previous post, I defined Villa Yana as a place that meets the criteria of being memorable, offering an aesthetic, educational, interactive experience and escapism, according to the Experience Economy, a theory developed by Joseph Pine and James Gilmore. Why I think it is a magical place that you cannot forget and keep recommending, you can read in Art, gourmet and wine – the experience of staying at Villa Yana, Zmeyovo village, Stara Zagora.

When you leave, don’t forget to buy at least 1 case of wine, because each bottle deserves its pleasure and since the quantities are limited, then there is a high probability that you won’t be able to buy the same vintages again.

It’s good to know that Better Half’s rosé – Dalakov Kvevri Rosé 2021 won the award for Best Rosé at the 2022 DiVino Top 50 Wine Awards.

How to get to Villa Yana?

Змейово, 6059 Stara Zagora

A: Zmeevo, 6059 Stara Zagora

T: + 359 888 678 811

Check-in: 14:00 Check-out: 11:00

If you need to rent a car, you can book it here in the box of the largest booking platform further at the end of the current post.

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