Hotel Arte Velingrad, photo by placescases.com
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Puzzling discrepancies in Hotel Arte, Velingrad

  The photos of  its decoration with wooden hives on  the wall of the reception desk, are very popular in internet. The same is  with the sculpture of the Bee, the paintings and the the the the stylized imitations of hunting trophies on the walls. A great idea for interior design, materials and furniture choice- excellent performance. Unfortunately, subsequently you understand that there are quite a few things that are not in tune with the expectations for a luxurious experience in an artistic atmosphere.

SuperTrees, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, photo by placescases.com
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What haven’t I told you about Singapore yet? Part 1

Singapore is a island City-state, one of the three remaining ones globally. He's a Chinese. It was once part of the United Kingdom, but its won autonomy. In Sanskrit Singapura, it means the city of Lions, only where lions have never lived. Interestingly, Singapore has been ruled by a single party for many years and yet has one of the most prosperous economies in the world.

IndoChine, Singapore, placescases.com
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Dinner in the nest of a Supertree, surrounded by jazz music in IndoChine, Singapore

A belated review, but it is never too late to share the impression of such a wonderful place as the restaurant IndoChine.Every time we travel to Singapore, we visit it. We like its cuisine because of the original interpretation and presentation of Asian cuisine, mixed with western style, and also because of the accompanying jazz music.