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Which were the best restaurants in Bulgaria for 2018 according to Bacchus Magazine? – Part 2  

In a wonderfully decorated hall, with references to the Spanish culture, Picasso style animated multimedia and music from the Spanish-speaking world, were awared the best restaurants in Bulgaria for 2018, at an event organized by Bacchus magazine .
Read the review and see the video on placescases.com to find out who were the winners.

Ресторант на годината 2018, Бакхус, placescases.com
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Which were the best restaurants in Bulgaria for 2018 according to Bacchus Magazine?- Part 1

I had the pleasure again this year to attend the ceremony Restaurant of the Year for 2018 by Bacchus Magazine. And you know what- the event was on the Birthday Eve of the magazine.The grand dinner on the award ceremony covered all important aspects for a good and memorable experience. According to the Experience Economy theory by Joseph Pine and James Gilmore, the good experiences should be directed as drama in theatres, in which the customer is actually both a spectator and an actor.

Collage Renaissance and Shahbazian, photos by placescases.com
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The advantages of staying in a guest house in Plovdiv, European Capital of Culture for 2019

When you are in an old and colorful city like Plovdiv one of the options, which in no case should be ignored is staying in a guest house. Whenever you are in such an interesting place, with many sights, with an old spirit, ancient history and a unique atmosphere, you sense better all these things in a traditional style guest house. Read my comparison about Family Hotel Renaissance and Shahbazyan House.

Hotel Arte Velingrad, photo by placescases.com
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Puzzling discrepancies in Hotel Arte, Velingrad

  The photos of  its decoration with wooden hives on  the wall of the reception desk, are very popular in internet. The same is  with the sculpture of the Bee, the paintings and the the the the stylized imitations of hunting trophies on the walls. A great idea for interior design, materials and furniture choice- excellent performance. Unfortunately, subsequently you understand that there are quite a few things that are not in tune with the expectations for a luxurious experience in an artistic atmosphere.

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