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Return to SPA hotel Lucky Bansko for the opening of the Italian restaurant Leonardo

After I talked about the new developments in one of my favorite hotels, Lucky Bansko, now it’s my turn to talk about the Italian restaurant attached to it, Leonardo, which opened its doors again on December 1.

Also, this time we stayed in a renovated luxury suite, which includes a bedroom and a living room with a fireplace, that offers a different type of comfort and experience, so I can’t help but talk about that as well.

Experience accents as per the 5D Sensograph:

See Christmas decoration of trees, teddy bears, glittering Christmas balls and lights, which gives a festive atmosphere and a feeling of coziness. Restaurant Leonardo main attraction–  the preparation of risotto with truffle in parmigiano wheel by flambéing.

Feel the coziness and the pleasant light crackling of logs in the fireplace of the luxury apartment of the hotel, accompanied by a glass of wine from the special selection and medal winner Cabernet Sauvignon by Bolyarovo winery, compliment by the hotel. Friendly service at the Leonardo restaurant.

Hear  the wonderful opera music in a light pop arrangement in Leonardo restaurant.

Smell the exotic flavor of Asian spices in a tuna tartare on a canapé of rice chips with Japanese mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce.

Taste fine Italian cuisine at Leonardo, with high quality Italian products, as well as Bulgarian and Italian wines.

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See in Leonardo and Lucky Bansko hotel ….

… Beautiful Christmas decorations everywhere: holiday lights on the facade of the hotel and restaurant, decorations with glittering Christmas balls and cute teddy bears brings festive mood;

… Plating at Restaurant Leonardo: beautifully arranged and served, Leonardo’s food prepares the senses for its wonderful taste.

Feel in Leonardo and Lucky Bansko hotel ….

… Feeling of coziness from the lit fireplace in the hotel’s luxury suite: You can order the lighting of the fireplace in the suite for EUR 15 and enjoy its pleasant crackling, with a glass of wine, kindly provided as a compliment by the hotel. And in the evening, they will bring you a wonderful sweet with Turkish delight, which will make the combination magnificent. They will also offer to prepare your room for the night.

… The friendly service at the Leonardo restaurant: everyone in the restaurant is involved in creating a pleasant experience for the customer, they are very helpful.

… Relaxed in the SPA area and massages: don’t miss an appointment for a massage, cryotherapy in the special cooling chamber, some swimming in the pool, one of the many types of saunas or jacuzzis. Refresh yourself with a detox shot from the fresh bar in front of the pool.

Hear in Leonardo and Lucky Bansko hotel ….

… Wonderful music in Leonardo: opera in a pop version, Italian canzonets, fado, Mario Biondi, whose timbre can never be misheard.

… Wine and food recommendations and explanations of dishes: everyone, from the manager to the waiters, is able to provide professional advice about the food and wine, so that one can make the best combination and the most correct choice for one’s tastes.

Movie watching time: 4:58 min.

Smell in Leonardo and Lucky Bansko hotel ….

… The flavour of the dishes at Leonardo: the appetizing smell sets the stage for the gourmet experience. Such is the case with the dishes at Leonardo. I especially liked the exotic aroma of Asian spices in tuna tartar on rice chips canapé with Japanese mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce – a wonderful appetizer, with a playful crunchiness that also contributes to the good taste experience. I highly recommend it to all fans of fine seafood.

… I cannot miss the savor of the breakfast products at the hotel: one of the best offered by a hotel in Bulgaria.

… Coffee in the rooms: every room has an espresso coffee machine and complimentary capsules to make your mornings in Lucky Bansko fragrant and cheerful.

Taste in Leonardo and Lucky Bansko hotel ….

… Fine dining in Italian style at the Leonardo restaurant: every lover of Italian cuisine can find their favorite things at Leonardo – a platter of cheeses and charcuterie, salads with mozzarella, pesto, quinoa and others, fish, beef, pork of quality origin, risotto, fresh pasta and wonderful oven pizzas. Apart from my favorite Tuna Tartare, the Osso Buco is the other dish that left lasting memories with the delicately cooked beef, with the obligatory bone marrow, mash and gremolata. Desserts include wonderful gelato, of course tiramisu, and other surprises. You can watch the food being prepared in the open kitchen, and the flaking of the risotto in a parmesan pita happens right in front of the customer. If you are vegetarian of vegan, don’t worry- there are exquisite delicacies especially for you.

… From the cornucopia of breakfast in Lucky Bansko: one of my favorite hotel breakfasts is this one – there is nothing missing from it. Every time I secretly take from the children’s corner my childhood favorites sandwiches’ with minced meat or eggs and cheese or cornmeal pies – very tasty. In the open kitchen, they can prepare anything you want in addition to pancakes and an omelette. Among the sausages, sujuk is my favorite. And I always give in to the tulumbas and take a few, which fatally disturbs my caloric balance, but I can’t miss them.

Tulumba is a traditional very sweet dessert of syruped fried dough in an oblong shape.

… Hot chocolate at the lobby bar: add a little cognac for some splendor and enjoy the slowly falling snow outside.

I will definitely return to Leonardo to try the other dishes. The management plans to regularly change the menu according to the season, so more pleasant surprises await us.

How to get to Leonardo and Lucky Bansko hotel?

Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

ул. „Кир Благо Тодев“ 4, 2770 кв. Глазне, Банско, България

T: +359 879 111 222

E: res@luckybansko.bg

Check-in: 15 Check-out: 12

How to book your stay?

I recommend that you check the packages that the hotel offers on their website because they are very affordable. But for your convenience, I have also put a box on booking.com. Compare the prices and choose an option.


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The post is made at the special invitation of the new management of the hotel, for which I express special thanks for giving me the chance to enjoy a wonderful weekend break. I will gladly come back to Lucky Bansko again!


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