Noodles at Genji's, photo by placescases.com

Genji ‘s Little South Korea in Sofia

January 2020

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Genji  is a Japanese, from a famous ninja clan. He is a master of shurikens. With his samurai sword, the katana, he can deflect deadly bullets and remain unharmed. However, this is no ordinary katana. Her name is Dragonblade. When her strength is at 100%, it begins to glow and a fiery dragon emerges from it and defeats all enemies. This deadly Genji is the hero of the notorious electronic action game Overwatch.

Снимката е взета назаем от https://overwatch.gamepedia.com/Genji

But I will tell you about another Genji. He is from South Korea. He is a master of the wok, under which a fiery dragon also howls, from the nozzles on the stove. However, it is not a deadly weapon is a peaceful symbol of good and tasty food.

Genji himself, photo by placescases.com
Genji himself, photo by placescases.com

Genji spins exclusive Japanese and South Korean street food dishes.

Together with a wonderful and smiling Bulgarian girl they created a small corner of South Korea, on Maria Luisa Blvd. in Sofia. With their special cooking skills and hospitality, they attract fans of Asian cuisine and culture, as well as younger K-pop fans, to enjoy the food prepared on the spot.

This is an atypical review for the blog, because it has no rating and also dates back several months. I had prepared it for publication and just then the restaurants closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I wasn’t going to release it that moment, and I waited for better times. Now Genji’s restaurant is located in a completely new place in Sofia, at 18 Georgi Benkovski Str. And it probably looks different, so I will visit it again.

Here, though, is the text of the old review.


…. Very cool graffiti on the walls, in the style of Asian fine art;

…. Of course, a TV set that broadcasts nothing but expected videos of K-pop bands;

…. Ambient lighting and decoration on the walls, made with bottles of Japanese beer.

Genji Street Food, photo by placescases.com
Genji Street Food, photo by placescases.com
Genji Street Food, photo by placescases.com
Genji Street Food, photo by placescases.com


…. It is self-service joint, first you look at the menu, then at the bar you discuss with the wonderful hostess and wife of Genji what you want to eat and after a detailed consultation with her you order. Just like in street food culture, you are handed a pager that informs you when Genji has already created the dish, and you, carrying it to your table, are already salivating profusely;

…. During winter it is a little cool inside. However, the other option for street food is to be completely outside or, at best, with protection from PVC blinds. So, it’s not much of a pain to die.


…. Of course K-pop. You know what is characteristic of this music- you come to get up and dance rhythmically. And if you know Korean also sing.


…. It smells great on the stove. Everything is cooked at the moment, in an open kitchen, you can’t help but smell it. Well … the clothes too.

…. Kimchi, traditional Korean salted and fermented vegetable, is quite present in the dishes. I personally like it!


…. Ever since Bacchus’ dinner, with Genji, I really liked the traditional South Korean pancake Kimchi-Jeon. Slightly spicy, slightly sour – very tasty. It can be eaten with chopsticks because it is soft.

Kimchi-jeon by Genji, photo by placescases.com
Kimchi-jeon by Genji, photo by placescases.com

…. Noodles or fried rice – they are spicy, but they do not hurt your stomach ! You add chicken, pork, shrimp or leave them vegetarian.

Kimchi fried rice by Genji, photo by placescases.com
Kimchi fried rice by Genji, photo by placescases.com
Noodles by Genji, photo by placescases.com
Noodles by Genji, photo by placescases.com

…. KFC– but this is not what you think, but an abbreviation of Korean Fried Chicken. Very crunchy fried wings. Dip them in sweet and sour sauce and soy sauce;

KFC- Korean Fried Chicken Wings by Genji, photo by placescases.com
KFC- Korean Fried Chicken Wings by Genji, photo by placescases.com

…. Asian beer of course.

Next time I have planned other things to try. But I will probably order the pancake again.

How to get there?

Don’t worry about how you will get to Genji’s street food corner. Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

ул. „Георги Бенковски“ 18, 1000 Old City Center, София, България

Here I publish the new coordinates of Genji. The old place was on Maria Luisa Blvd.

A: 18 George Benkovski str., Sofia

T: +359 887 258 186

Open hours: Mon-Fri 12:00-21:30, Sat 14:00-21:30

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