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Impronta- a restaurant which deserves a Michelin star in Dorsoduro, Venice, Italy

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Impronta means imprint.

The restaurant is not close to St. Mark’s Square, you even have to take the Vaporetto, and if you are in a hurry you have to walk across the Rialto Bridge, but it’s quite a stroll. But if you decided to go for a walk, why not.

The problem is that you have to make a reservation because they are a fine dining restaurant, which, however, has quite decent prices and many people want to visit it. They deserve a Michelin star if the inspectors ask me. Why I think so, read below.

 See Impronta ….

… I didn’t expect anything from the interior, but when I entered, I realized that there is a concept and it is related to the name of the restaurant. Slogans and stylish illustrations with messages about the footprint we all leave;

… Upholstered chairs in pastel colors – rose ash and beige.

Feel Impronta ….

… Good service with adequate wine and food recommendations;

… These upholstered chairs are very comfortable and soft;

… Crunchy chips in the starter with dried cod caviar. Cod is something of a local specialty to try.

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Hear Impronta ….

… Italian music, but there were a lot of people, and the place is small, so we could hear more of the various languages around us.

Movie watching time: 2:27 min.

Smell Impronta ….

… A super combination of aromas in the appetizer of dried cod caviar and red onion ice cream – besides the very light playful aroma of this ice cream, the light fishiness of the caviar, there was sprinkled ground coffee on the side and everything exploded in an extravaganza of smells that perfectly combined;

… We had ordered a wine of 80% Garganega and 20% Chardonnay varieties. The Garganega is very similar to the Sauvignon Blanc in terms of characteristics and in combination with the Chardonnay they entered into a great partnership with the starter as well. But this wine goes very well with my main – goose leg.

Taste Impronta ….

… Goose leg – it is cooked very slowly, I guess confit, and it is very tender and tasty. They combined it with mashed potatoes and some gravy from the roast;

… From the appetizers, the ricotta ravioli pasta was with walnuts and parsley, zucchini sauce, very nice! One of my children quickly ate it;

… Sedanini amatrichana with shrimps – they were so delicious that my other daughter ate them very quickly;

… The big choice was the Iberico with mashed potatoes and chips. Super-crispy, lightly grilled, so that its bacon was wilting on a crisp. The chips were crisp and crunchy poked in the mashed potatoes! They suggested we combine it with red wine Merlot and Cabernet – Super Tuscany! Super combination.

… The desserts were superb – a wonderful panna cotta, just as smooth in texture, a chocolate tart with ice cream and a crêpe flambé filled with fruit.

I highly recommend Impronta and to visit it an hour sooner, because if Michelin passes there, it will give them a star for sure and they will raise the prices.

How to get to restaurant Impronta in Venice?

Use the Google map here. Click on the red pin where I marked its location and then choose directions. It will guide you to line 1 of the boats, it is more convenient, but as I wrote above, you can also walk across the Rialto Bridge. However, you need to be on time for the reservation, so allow yourself time unless the place where you are staying is close by.

Speaking of staying, I recommend Residenza Ducato, where we stayed, not only because of the good prices, nice interior and comfort, but mostly because of the host, Paola, who is a very cool, responsive lady, ready to help you with any questions.

A: Dorsoduro, 3815, 30123 Venezia VE

T: +390412750386

Mon-Sat 7:00-15:00, 18:00-23:00, Sun 12:00-15:00, 18:00-23:00

How to book your stay?

You can book your stay right hereFor your convenience, I have added a booking.com box, which refers directly to their site. I guarantee you’re going to use all your genius discounts and privileges they would offer to you and I will get a modest commission. Just enter the dates of your trip, the place, then hit the Search button and voila.


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