La Table du Marche, photo by placescases.com

Restaurant La Table Du Marche, Bergerac, France

La Table du Marche rating by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 5 out of 5.

April  2022

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La Table du Marche is located right next to the covered market in the center of Bergerac, hence the name – the market table.

 See ….

…. Straight from the entrance, it impresses with its modern style in the interior. The prints on the walls are eye-catchers, there are pillows on the sofas – the atmosphere is both stylish and modern, and cozy;

…. Each dish is beautiful and a visual masterpiece in itself – decorations with edible flowers, plates and trays are well chosen as a canvas for the beautiful “paintings” that were presented to us;

La Table du Marche has a high rating on the web and there is a reason – it is well worth a visit.


Feel ….

…. The restaurant does not have a Michelin star, but is included in the Michelin Guide and is a par excellence fine dining restaurant. 2 appetizers amuse bouche are served before the actual one chosen by you and 2 more desserts after the one chosen by you. The whole company is expected to gather to take the orders. So, my advice is, go all together, not like us in portions, because until we all got together, we’d been waiting a long time for the menus and orders to be handed out;

…. Each course of food is served to everyone at the same time.

Hear ….

…. The music is diverse, but ethno and jazz predominate, there was even one based on Bulgarian folklore.

Movie watching time: 2:42 min.

Smell ….

…. The combinations of smells were fine and wonderfully combined, and from the very beginning of the amuse bouche this is felt;

…. Any variations of the nose from the various wines by glass, which you can combine on the recommendation of the waiters with the food;

…. Citrus scent – orange and lemon in the marshmallow served with the coffee. Brilliant idea, invigorated everyone in the company who tried it!

…. Ice cream with parsley and basil flavor in the dessert Chocolate delicacy – an ingenious combination!

…. I most admired the delicate aroma of the cheese in one of the desserts (which most of the palates of our Bulgarian company could not perceive well) – both in taste and aroma was so impressive and I’m sure I’ve never tasted anything like this before;

Taste ….

….. Goose liver, lamb, fish – whatever you choose, everything is very masterfully created and implemented;

…. The desserts were masterpieces of taste, aroma and color. With the coffee came more desserts – wonderful to the last detail!

To get a better idea, it is best to watch the movie!

If you are in the Bergerac region and you are a gourmet fan, La Table du Marche is a must-see place! Bon Appetit!

How to get to restaurant La Table du Marche in Bergerac?

Don’t worry about getting to La Table du Marche. Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

A: 21 Pl. Louis de la Bardonnie, 24100 Bergerac, France

T: +33553224946

Opening hours: Tue-Sat 12:00-13:45, 19-21, Mon и Sun- closed

Well, that’s the way it is with restaurants in France – they close in the afternoon.

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