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Score of Ribs Brothers by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 4.5 out of 5.

Last visit in March 2018.


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See ….

…. Small place- only a few tables and a very cool urban interior;

…. The audience is mainly young working people;

…. Metal plates and mugs in which utensils are put – as once upon a time, many years ago 😊


Feel ….

…. Friendly service by a smiling young man;

…. The softness of the meat;

…. Crispy smoked ribs, like toasted bacon.


Hear ….

…. Trendy music – something like electro funk, electro jazz.



Smell ….

…. Pleasant light flavor of smoked ribs on the barbeque;

…. They unsavory aroma of androsterone and scatole, which I usually sense in pork,unlike most people,  but as I explain in one of my articles, this is a peculiarity of the meat origin and also the genes of the person who consumes it, so you can read more here;

…. Very pleasant flavor of caramel and bananas in Banofi pie dessert.


Taste ….

…. Pork cooked in variety of wayspulled, ribs, smoked;

…. Beef and veal also in several variants- ribs, pulled meat and very tender veal cheeks on a slow fire- no chicken, probably because it  has small ribs and does not belong to this ribs brotherhood;

…. The meat is pre-soaked in sweet marinade, which forms a very pleasant glaze, but at the same time makes the meat more sweet than salty;

…. You can balance the sweet taste with a red salad with cheese;

…. You will not be able to balance the taste with pickles because they are more sweet than sour and salty, unfortunately;

…. Home-made fried chips have nothing to do with what we understand by this explanation- they are more like potato wedges, i.e. thick slices of potatoes with peeling processed thermally, without being crunchy- no one on the table liked them!

…. Banofi Pie – cookie topped with bananas, caramel and cream, we loved it!

…. Tiramisu – quite good and in a remarkable quantity, enough for two;

…. Nice red wine by cup,  Malbec from Argentina.

I’ve wanted to visit Ribs Brothers for a long time.  They are specialized in making BBQ of pork and veal. It is offered as ribs, pulled meat or crunchy smoked bacon. We ordered a board, in which there were included things from almost the entire menu- ribs, ordinary and smoked, pulled meat, sausage, fried potatoes, corn, pickles. Almost everything had a sweet taste and the potatoes were dry, not tasty. The young man who served us said that they paid serious attention to the customer feedback, about the excessive sweet taste of the BBQ and that when they change the menu for the season, they will take care of it.

Regardless of these minor flaws, it is worth visiting the Ribs Brothers. The place is very cool and you will eat quite well.

Open hours: Every day from 12:00 to 22:30.

A: Sofia, 13 Uzundžovska str

T: + 359 89 912 5975

To navigate with Google Maps to the location of Ribs Brothers, click on the pin in the map and then hit Directions:

ул. „Узунджовска“ 13, 1000 Център, София, България

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