Amazing Beautiful Nature Day and Night at Vabbinfaru Island of Maldives, Banyan Tree Hotel

Reviewed April 2014, Stayed March 2014, travelled as a couple

Villa beach

Hear:  the hissing sound of palms and ocean waves in the night; the special music selection of the hotel, courteously left in the HI FI of the villa; the gentle bubbling of the back yard Jacuzzi; the rain drumming while you are enjoying a wonderful massage at the open air SPA.

See: the sparkling azure of the ocean accompanied by the blinding whiteness of the sand; the surreal strong full moon light at night which makes you look like a beautiful dusk ghost; the amazing underwater world, which makes you wish to be a mermaid.

Smell: the awesome frangipani blossom; the scents at the SPA centre; the savoury aroma of the Eastern cuisine.

Taste: the Asian style food and local fruit.

Touch: the sand with your bear feet which do not need any type of shoe while you are there. Don’t touch the corals in the see!

Vabbinfaru is a place with stunning beautiful nature both on the  land and in water.

First and foremost, every visitor should try the snorkelling or scuba diving. If you don’t do that, you will omit half of the fun and enjoyment of this place. The riff is just gorgeous!  We were going for snorkelling every day and it was always a supreme delight. Bring an underwater camera or you will be sorry for missing to shoot such a marvellous scenery. We had the rare chance to swim together with small sharks, turtles and other colourful ocean creatures dashing through the splendid corals. Don’t be afraid of sharks- they are small, they do not care about you and are just passing by, rushing to some business of their own.

On the land we saw different types of lizards, big beautiful bats, colourful birds, crabs. You should not feel fear of them ,since none of this vivid fauna disturbs the guests. Besides, the species kindly tolerated our observing and photographic desires.

What is worth to know is that,  specialized staff of the hotel takes care of and breeds water turtles. They can show you and tell you how the turtles grow up, what their habits are, how and when they let the turtles go away to start living their own life in the big ocean and other interesting facts.

The hotel staff is courteous and helpful. The villas are one of a kind. We stayed in a beach front one, so we could enjoy an incredible ocean view day and night. You  should take also full advantage of the  back yard of the villas- there is a pool and a jet pool with a comfortable seat for a shadowy rest.

We were lucky our stay to coincide with a full moon. You cannot imagine how beautiful the beach is with the perfectly white sand under the full moon light. It is a surreal pleasure to walk on the beach or have a drink, chatting silently with your girl/boy fried in such a magical night on the porch of the villa or directly on the sand. It is possible even to make pictures without a flash, which requires some advanced photographic skills, though .

If you have the chance to visit the place, please do not bring shoes. You will not need them at all. The dress code is casual everywhere. The whole point is to fully relax and not to care for clothes, shoes, accessories or make up. Just pick a frangipani blossom from a tree, smell deeply its fascinating aroma and put it in your hair. This is all you need.

Try to reserve some time for the SPA. I absolutely enjoyed it. The therapists are magicians, the music is quiet and relaxing, the scents from the aroma sticks are enthralling.

The staff at the restaurant is friendly. The food can be improved though. Since there is only one restaurant (the island is small and there is no place for more) there is no competition and guests are stuck to it. The Asian cuisine is good, the BBQ too, but there should be put more attention to the West type of dishes and the sea food too. My opinion is that in order visitors to come back and not to be forced to explore more options on the Maldives, to provide full exceptional service. So food is something that needs more attention.

The hotel is more suitable for couples, although there was one family with a kid.

It is a very good destination for fresh lovers, new-married couples, celebrating anniversary couples, couples needing some private time, rest and intimate consorting.

If you read presentation resumes about Maldives you will see that many of the islands may be underwater in a few years because of the constant ocean level increase. It is so discouraging to know that the death of this heavenly place is inevitable and so fast approaching. We love and enjoy such places, share and show off our pics from there social networks but we continue to pollute unconscionably our mother Earth.

Anyone who visits this unique place and thinks that it is heaven on Earth should remember the morbid prognosis about its future. So, please, think of it all the time, especially when you book your next vacation and never stop to remind to the others that it is our responsibility  to preserve the beauties of our home  planet, in order to continue to enjoy its wonders, like this small amazing island in Maldives,Vabbinfaru.

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