My Wonderful Summer Vacation at Ekies All Senses Resort, Halkidiki, Greece

Reviewed 1 September 2014, Stayed August 2014, travelled with family

Hear:  the gentle sea water splash in the evening at the beach, the unobtrusive soul and jazz music from the beach bar, the constant humming of cicadas.

See: the sunset while dining at the restaurant, sipping cocktail at the beach bar or still resting on the sunbeds on the beach, again sipping cocktail; the interior and exterior design of the hotel.

Smell: the basil in pots spread all around; try to find also the lemon grass, verbena and thyme tufts near the pool.

Taste: the homemade pastry and bread, the local Greek wine and of course the fresh fish menu.

Touch: lie for a rest on the organic cushions spread all around, touch the basil to arouse its perfume.

For 6 consecutive years I spend my summer vacations with my family at this place created to touch gently all your senses.
Every summer, 2 times, for a week we continue to choose without doubts Ekies. I never wrote about it in any site, social network or blog, not because I am not satisfied but because we felt somehow willing to keep it a secret only for a few people that know about it. Of course it is an illusion. Everybody knows about it. If you have been there you can not help talking to other people, sharing the wonderful experience to rest fully there.
I shall start with this that the beach of Vourvourou is very beautiful, situated in a bay with shallow and warm, green and azure waters, facing a small island called Diaporos. The beach of the hotel is small, very cozy, a nice jazz music plays unobtrusively, as a gentle companion to your frappe in the morning. Before noon the trees are the natural shadow that protects you from the morning sun rays, so you can comfortably have an after-breakfast indolent rest. On the contrary, if you feel full of energy and playful, the water is clear and cool, just suitable for morning games with the kids.
About the kids- this is the perfect place to bring kids of small age. You can leave them in the water in the morning and forget about them until noon to collect them for lunch (well figuratively said 🙂 )! Kids are just so happy and free there. Actually they are the main reason not to experiment with other places for our summer vacation for so many years. You have every comfort necessary for kids below teen age . I am afraid though that teenagers might feel a little bored if they are not a group of them.
On the other hand, there are plenty possibilities for boat hiring both at the hotel or further down the beach and visit other seclusive beaches or waters suitable for snorkeling and it would be fun for them. For your convenience you can order a picnic basket from the hotel for your daily boat trip. One more tip for teenagers- there is free WiFi all around the hotel area. Just ask for the access codes.

Writing about food, the breakfast is something that needs to be mentioned. All pastry, bread, pies are made in the hotel kitchen. You can enjoy very delicious bread of vast flour variety. Don’t be on diet if go to Ekies. You will not stand the bread. Try the full taste of the thick Greek yogurt but don’t forget to top it with some of the home made jams or the various types of honey, collected in the area by local producers. If you feel pancake like or omelet like, there is an eggs specialties master who will satisfy your needs.
If you are not feeling like having breakfast, you can take from the great variety of fresh seasonal fruit and nuts.Or if you feel like “just coffee and nothing else” match it with a slice of any of the three types home made cakes.
If you like dried fruit, you can find any type you wish but don’t miss the dried kumquat.
I would dare to recommend though, to experiment a little more with the protein variety. Some smoked salmon, for example,capers, thinly sliced onion and Philadelphia or other creamy cheese would be a nice addition.

For the first time this year , every Tuesday and Thursday there was a BBQ for lunch with drinks promos. Don’t book boat trips when there is BBQ, since you will miss those delicious lunches! 🙂

Some words about your dinner choices.If you don’t mind to have dinner before 9 pm, try the half board dinner.If you haven’t pre-paid one don’t worry. You can pay on spot afterwords. The menu there is very good,the food from the buffet is delicious and rich of choices and besides you will be served main course about which you have two options- usually between fish and meat, both of nice taste. Vegetarians can eat very tasty and rich food from the buffet, so don’t worry about them.
If you are a night bird and dine after 9 pm, you can visit the ala carte restaurant. They offer usually a good variety of fresh fish and sea food. If you have pre-paid half board, don’t worry to opt out, since they will deduct form your ala carte bill the amount paid for the half board. The meals are delicious but not of the traditional Greek cuisine but Mediterranean. If you are a regular visitor as we are, you may find the menu too small and lacking choices since they do not change it. Service is a little slow there but it doesn’t matter if you are feeling relaxed and prone to enjoy the scenery and the chat with your companion/s.

We need to make a special note about the view from the restaurant. You will enjoy a wonderful pink and purple sunset, the sound of sea water kissing the beach sand and the gentle jazz music. Who needs fast service or variety of menus – you have everything for your perfect rest!
If you had enough of half board dinner and ala carte, book a romantic dinner.Besides the sunset pleasures you will enjoy a very romantic ambiance, since it is served on the beach on a specially arranged table with plenty of candles and special decoration. The menu is seven course gourmet and very delicious. The only problem is that it was so much that I felt too full at the end that I could hardly taste the desert.
And if you had enough of the hotel food, you can go by foot along the beach to the local taverna Paris. There you can eat traditional Greek food, enjoy fast service and polygolt waiters. 🙂
After dinner, move to the cozy pillow sofas of the bar and have a drink. Candles and jazz, chatting with friends- a perfect ending of the evening. On Fridays and Sundays/Saturdays there is live jazz music and you can enjoy a calm and rich voice of a singer or a violin maestro, both of them very good.
The bar offers variety of cocktails and during the day they serve drinks and snacks on the beach as well.

The garden of the hotel is full of colors and aromas. Basil is all around. Don’t forget to stroke it from time to time and smell its flavor. Around the pool – verbena, lemon grass, thyme…. When you pass there you will feel their scent for sure.

About the rooms. Every room has a different special fancy design. Don’t be surprised if you find there lots of pillows of organic material. By the way, don’t bring too much clothes. You will not need them, especially high heels. Casual dress code everywhere, since you must feel relaxed, not preoccupied with make up, ironing or other fuss. I mean it, since some of the double rooms have limited space for clothes storing.

For the very little kids there is a small cute playground. Across from it is the pool with a baby pool and Jacuzzi. Take a picture of the umbrellas at the pool – both day and night. I mean it. I will not tell more, since it is a surprise.
Last but not least, the staff is very courteous,helpful, smiling, greeting you every time you meet any of them. Thank you Hristo, Joanna, Efy, Dimitry,Ciprian, Aris, the bar tenders and all the rest whose names I don’t know! Give our regards to Leonidas. We missed him this year. Thank you Eleni, the wise yoga teacher. Thank you all for all those wonderful vacations! Alexandra, Vangeli, Petro- keep on doing it, surprising us every time. You are becoming better and better!

Room Tip: 213 junior suite recently renovated.

Hotel site: http://www.ekies.gr




Main Restaurant

One of the few hotel buildings

One of the alleys



Area exploration 2 

The beach

Area Exploration

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  1. That really looks like a classy hotel. I was really disappointed by the hotel I stayed at in Greece last year, so I was not thinking about coming back. But after reading that, there seems to be a great option 🙂

    1. Hi! It is really about what your expectations are and what you understand by classy. For sure if you decide to go there, you can freely allow yourself to feel lazy, to enjoy quietly your relaxation, if not the whole vacation at least the first 2-3 days. Then, if you are already relaxed, there is a lot to explore all around. Google Earth can help you with nice seclusive beaches in the area which you can reach by car or by rent-a- boat. I wish you to enjoy your stay there to the maximum, if you chose to go!

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