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Dinner in the nest of a Supertree, surrounded by jazz music in IndoChine, Singapore

A belated review, but it is never too late to share the impression of such a wonderful place as the restaurant IndoChine.

June 2018

IndoChine score by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 5 out of 5.







Every time we travel to Singapore, we visit our favorite restaurant IndoChine restaurant. The brand includes also other restaurants, bars and hotels. They share one common feature- jazz music. We like the cuisine of IndoChine  because of the original interpretation and presentation of Asian cuisine, mixed with western style, and also because of the accompanying jazz music. Before, next to the restaurant there was a bar area with live jazz music. Now it turned out that restaurant IndoChine has moved from its usual place next to the Museum of Asian Civilizations to an even more interesting place. It was a great surprise for us to find it on the roof of one of The Supertrees at SuperTree Grove next to Gardens by the Bay.

Once again we enjoyed the delicious food and the pleasant music of this restaurant. I cannot help sharing with you my impressions of the wonderful dinner in this peculiar cozy “nest”, located in the crown of a high-tech Supertree.

See ….

…. Unique view- you see all buildings of the city scenery from a high spot, the ships waiting in the waters of Singapore port, the big Ferris wheel, the imposing architecture in the form of a boat of Marina Bay Sands. If you can’t turn away your eyes from this magnificent view, you can have your dinner on the terrace.

…. The lights of the Supertrees around- like we were in a fairytale forest, reminded me of James Cameron’s Avatar movie.

…. Each dish was presented in a very original manner on the plate. The children were very impressed. They spent a lot of time looking at the table and eating instead of gazing at the phones. Can you imagine!


Feel ….

…. Crispy rice crackers to the famous Singapore chili sauce with crab;

…. Again the pleasant crispy sound, from the breaded fillet of red snappers;

…. And again crunchy sound when eating the nuts- peanuts in the Asian salad and cashews in the main course.


Hear ….

…. Of course, jazz. It has always been the case in restaurant and bar IndoChine, one more reason to prefer it to many other options.

Smell ….

…. Any Asian exotic, for us Europeans, spices in the dishes;

…. The fresh aroma of Sauvignon Blanc, which we have chosen as a match to our meals- good wines list;

…. Slightly bitter smell of the Matcha green tea in the cheesecake, which has always fascinated me;

…. Coffee in Crème Brulee, which combined with caramels is a killer combination, at least for me.


Taste ….

…. If there is a way to try everything, it would be perfect 😊a very interesting menu, terribly tasty performance, but be careful with the chilli. In Asia slightly pungent for them, is fire-spicy for us;

…. We have a family tradition in restaurant IndoChine to order soft-shell crab. For this kind of delicacy, crabs are fished when they moult their exoskeleton and the new shell hasn’t hardened yet. The result is that the meat does not need to be cleaned and that the soft shell can be eaten. It is very pleasant, slightly crunchy from the outside, with tender meat inside;

…. Lobster, the meat is gently and pleasantly complemented by the soft coat of the cheese.

Not farewell but see you again we say to restaurant IndoChine. I wish it was sooner!

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How to get to restaurant IndoChine and Singapore?

Check-up for promotions of Qatar Airways with the QR code below. This is how we booked our tickets at very affordable prices.

Don’t worry about how to get to restaurant IndoChine, in Singapore. Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin with which I noted its location and then select directions:

18 Marina Gardens Drive, #03-01 , Gardens by the Bay, Сингапур 018953

A: Supertree Grove, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

T: (+ 65) 6694 8489

E: rsvp-supertree@indochine-group.com

Restaurant Opening Hours:

Lunch: Mon-Sun 12.00 – 17.00

Dinner: Sun-Thu 17.00-23.30 , Fri and Sat 17.00-00.30

Opening hours of the Roof Top Bar:

Mon-Sun 10.30 – 17.00- for view

Mon-Sun 17.00 – 01:00 for tapas and drinks

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