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‘Italian affair’, dinner with Addie Giuzeleva and Bacchus magazine score by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 4.2 out of 5.

26 April 2018


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I enjoy very much the traditional Bacchus dinners in Tomeko building, ShowHow culinary event hall. This time, we participated in an Italian affair, with an amateur chef and blogger, author of In Food Veritas blog , Addie Gyuzeleva.

Join my experience with this Italian affair.

See ….

…. Very beautiful Addie Gyuzeleva, who presents her Italian-style culinary skills;

…. The vivid orange color of the summer cocktail Aperol Spritz, which welcomed us.


Feel ….

…. The coming early summer – with this Aperol and on the terrace – yeah!

…. A bit hard and difficult to chew bruschetta Puglia style, but well matched with cherry tomatoes, oregano and olive oil;

…. Addie, who smiles at her guests and cares for their sincere opinion;

…. Very nice crunchy and salty bread sticks, which go wonderfully with the sweet-bitter Aperol;

…. Hard and tough to chew pieces of  veal, wrapped in prosciutto crudo in the main course – not my taste.

Hear ….

…. Great retro Italian music;

…. A story about the function of aperitifs to open the appetite, that pelin wine, as well as all vermouths are herbal wines, which purpose is to soothe the stomach.

Smell …

…. The slightly tangy aroma of Aperol;

…. Citrus and green apple in the white wine Tenuta Caretta, variety Cayega, from Roero Arneis DOCG, Italia, very well combined with the vegetarian pasta;

…. An unpleasant breath in the beef, wrapped in prosciutto crudo, but the potatoes compensated.


 Taste ….

. I liked the short pasta,”butterflies” with zucchini, a zucchini pesto, and underneath it- cubes of Provola cheese;

…. The dessert mascarpone with strawberries had a good idea, but the mascarpone was not airy- it felt like an uneven texture in the mouth, and the Averna did not make any difference to its success, it was bitter to me and not enough aromatic.


It sometimes happens to have bigger expectations than the real experience. That was the case with this Italian affair, but that did not matter much, since the dinner was pleasant, and Addie was very nice. I look forward to the next Bacchus event.

A: Sofia, Stanislav Dospevski 101, Tomekoq ShowHow

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ул. „Станислав Доспевски“ 101, 1836 ж.к. Левски Г, София, България

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