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Do you crave for good beef steaks in Sofia center? I know the right place- Manzo!

Manzo score by the 5D Sensograph of 5 out of 5.

September 2018


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Now I know where to go when craving for delicious veal schnitzel, a favorite dish of the whole family. We love its lean meat, crunchy crust and that unique flavor of melted butter on top of it and it’s very common for us to go to some place especially for it. We already have a new favorite restaurant, where they meet all our criteria for the perfect schnitzel-Manzo (in Italian it means beef), in the center of Sofia, on Rakovski str. However, the good surprises here don’t end with just that.

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See ….

…. The interior impresses especially with these tables of cut trunks and numerous wooden cubes protruding from the wall, spellbinding 3D effect, which greatly contributes to the feeling of cosiness and gives a unique character of the place;

…. Refrigerator displays with beef ageing- you are immediately clear that here is a serious work with meat;

Felt ….

…. The waiters were nice to us, they tried everything to be okay, they asked us if we liked the food;

…. Crispy Grissini to start from their pizza oven and focaccia;

…. The beating heart of the city-the big windows are open to Rakovski str., the noise of the hectic city came to us, but not irritating, just to remind us that we are part of the dynamic stream, which was slightly sideways, us being in the oasis of Manzo.


Listen ….

…. Despite the noise of the town through the windows, Italian pop music dominated in the restaurant, a great harmony with the concept of the restaurant, with Italian chef.

Smell ….

…. The smell of butter melted on the veal schnitzel- I love it when the good schnitzel welcomes me with this fragrance!

…. Pleasant aroma of cream in blueberry cheesecake!



Taste ….

…. Veal and beef in any form- T-Bone, Fiorentina, aged. I have tried ribeye and schnitzel- perfect both of them, lean, without tendons, just cooked as I requested!

…. There are exceptionally good pasta, I saw options for pizza and focaccia too, but I shalll try them the next time. Several forms of pork are available as well as panini.

I know this review has become very short and maybe it is not fair for such a good place as Manzo, but I am planning to visit them soon and then I will have a detailed overview.

I recommend you visit Manzo, especially if you have high criteria for how the veal/beef is prepared.

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A: Sofia,. 193Rakovski str.

T: + 359 87 990 0699

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