placescases.com new look / нова визия


Dear awesome-reading-friends of placescases.com!

My blog has already a new look and functionalities!

First, I have a new logo, a work by the young and talented designer Denitsa Kochovska! Its final look was chosen through your opinions and vote. I hope you all like it!

placescases.com logo

Second, you can find all new articles in an image slider on the top of the home page.

placescases.com New Look



Third, at the end of each post you can find an embedded Google Maps box. It shows not only the location of the place but also navigates you to it. Just click on the red pin and hit Directions.


Google Maps Guide in placescases.com

Finally, for your convenience, whenever you want to stay in a hotel that I have already reviewed and rated, you can use the Booking.com search box to make a reservation. Besides, you keep all your special offers and genius bonuses. Simply enter the dates of your stay and click the Search button. From the same box you can make reservations for other cities and hotels as long as you want.

Booking.com Search Box in placescases.com


I hope these improvements are useful to you and I hope to attract even more awesome-reading-friends of placescases.com. 😊

Do not hesitate to comment, ask questions or to give suggestions for further development and improvement of the site.

I wish you have fun, new emotions and exiting trips to new interesting places!

You read the message to the end- I give you all five hearts by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com.

5 hearts from the 5d Senzografa of placescases.com/5 hearts by the 5d Sensograph of placescases.com

Visit a new place, make a great case!

What do you think about this?

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