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Last time visited in July 2015 with friends and family

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See… the cool terrace- garden shaded with old trees, the beautiful small coble street and old buildings from the terrace of the tavern

Smell… the flavor of fresh roasted lamb on a spit, the scent of retsina (local white wine) served as a compliment at the very beginning of your dine.

Taste… the most delicious grilled lamb on the island

Feel and Experience… fast service with all traditional compliments like wine and sweets.

Hear… the quiet pleasant rustle of broad-leaved trees, protecting the visitors from the hot summer sun.

If you spend a vacation on Thassos, the Emerald island of Greece and your itinerary passes through Theologos, one of the most ancient and interesting towns of the island, a historical and cultural landmark, besides visiting its museums, taking pictures of the old streets and buildings, don’t miss to try the lamb on a spit, which is like a trade mark of the local cuisine. I would recommend Stelios Tavern as a place where the lamb they prepare is one of a kind. It is soft and juicy, never oily, just as it should be. And even if you are not such an ardent fan of lamb meat you have plenty of other options from traditional Greek meal. Try musaka for example. It is served in a pot and looks very delicious. Or you can have some fried vegetable marrow.

Delicious lamb at Stelios tavern by placescases Musaka in a pot at Stelios Tavern by placescases

Olives are coming as a compliment strait from the beginning on your table and I am sure you will ask for more of them like we did.

You cannot leave without tasting the desserts which are on the house by tradition. Some Greek coffee or frappe can be a good match to them.

However, do not limit your visit at Theologos only to having a good meal. The place offers so much more that you will definitely miss a lot if you don’t have a good walk and sightseeing around.

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Under the cooling shades of Stelios tavern by placescases Stelios tavern terrace by placescasesBest lamb on a spit at Stelios tavern by placescases

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