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The first article of the new rubric @home is dedicated to those who celebrate today, and these are all people related to theatre.

Happy World Theatre Day, dear actors, directors, playwrights, scenographers, composers of theatrical music, luminaries,  staff,  props, stage workers, theatre fans, everyone for whom the word theatre means a lot! Thank you all, people from the guild, that you are next to us in these difficult days! We are looking forward to coming back to you in the halls!

Today we will all celebrate, albeit online.

For this special occasion, the World Theatre Day, I scraped the internet for all Bulgarian theatres and some foreign, which broadcast their performances on the web.

I am glad that many of them have taken care to delight their audiences in these difficult times. In addition to not interrupting the connection with us, viewers, video streaming also leads to a sharp increase in their followers base on social networks and YouTube channels. This means that everything they publish about their activities will reach a much larger audience and when the general quarantine is lifted, people will go to the ticket offices, eager for the live experience with their favorite actors.

For example, a Bulgarian theatre, located in Sofia, named Renaissance Theatre, endeavored to  perform online live “Uncle Vanya” and “Hello, Hello!” before the lockdown. They reached nearly 30 thousand followers for 2 evenings. The performance of “Hello, hello!”  was viewed by approximately 200 000 spectators. We enjoyed the magnificent acting, which, despite being in front of an empty hall, was on an exceptional level. We had the opportunity to buy an online ticket, as a donation, which was a very good idea, because many people were interested to do it. I strongly hope they can put the links back on.

In the list below, I have included every interesting place and event, which I came across during this research, to choose the ones you love, to see them, to hit a like or a comment, to share, to support art in the present crisis.

To see the part of the list with the Bulgarian theatres, I suggest to see this post in Bulgarian. You need to be almost a native speaker though, in order to take full advantage.

In addition to a computer, if you have a smart TV, you can cast it from your phone so that you can enjoy the show on a larger screen or access is directly on its browser. It is possible though to experience setback due to overloaded of the server.

And so, take your favorite drink, get in a dress code: favorite socks, comfortable clothes, good mood and install yourself in front of your TV or computer for wonderful performances.

Don’t forget to put your reminders for the next ones that are next to come. I will also share on the blog Facebook page,  https://www.facebook.com/placescases/, the upcoming events, so you can also check them up there.
If you find other interesting shows or theatres around the world that also publish shows, write in comments here or in the blog profiles on social networks and channels: InstagramFacebookLinkedInTwitter, YouTube.

To follow the most interesting virtual art events in the world, follow the new rubric of the placescases.com @home.

Here’s the list I made. Enjoy!

Note: To see the full list with information about shows of Bulgarian theatres, read this article in Bulgarian.

  1. Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra-under the slogan #westaytogether streams recordings of concerts on their Facebook page, as well as on
  2. Sofia National Opera and Ballet spreads out to the max through its Sofia Opera Pearls of Streams initiative. On 03.2020, we can see La Baydere by Ludwik Minkus, on their website http://www.operasofia.bg. We will be able to watch recordings of other hit shows soon.


For the Russian speaking audience:

  1. Perm Academy Theatre broadcast recordings from 2pm GMT which will be available 24 hours in their YouTube channel. Started on 26.03.2020 with “A Month in the Village” by Turgenev ( «Месяц в деревне» ).
  2. Malyi Teatr, Moscow will stream from 7 pm, Moscow time, 4 pm GMT “Always Call Dolly” by Thornton Wilder.
  3. Большой театр России / Bolshoi Theatre of Russia starts broadcasting productions on their YouTube channel on 27 March 2020. The links are available 24 hours. The first performance is Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.

I make tea and get stuck in front of the monitor.  The upcoming events are:

28.03 – The Sleeping Beauty
01.04 – The Tsar’s Bride
04.04 – Marco Spada
07.04 – Boris Godunov
10.04 – The Nutcracker

See more about the initiatives of the Russian theatres on the site Afisha. You should switch on the Google Translator though.

We cannot miss Italian opera:

6. Teatro alla Scala are posting links for streaming of iconic opera performances.

For the English speakers:

7. National Theatre, London, which starts streaming on their YouTube channel starting April 7, every Thursday from 7pm GMT. The first play is One Man, Two Guvnors, winner of the Tony Award, with my beloved James Cordon, famous with his evening show and Carpool Karaoke, starring famous singers. Put the reminder on April 2 from 7pm. It will be available until April

8. Royal Opera House, London As of March 27th, under the slogan #OurHouseToYourHouse, they put their ballet shows on online streaming. The first performance is Prokofiev’s “Petya and the Wolf”, which you can watch at 7pm GMT.

9. My personal favorite, which performances have always impressed me with unusual and lush set design, and the singer’s exceptional artistry is the Metropolitan Opera, New York. Each week, they publish one performance that remains available for 24 hours. I play it on the TV at home in the afternoons while I work and while my children write homework. The Wagner cycle is currently underway. It can be viewed from their Facebook page and their metopera.org site. Personal tip – put them on the TV if you can. You can use Chrome Cast, Mirror Screen or whatever app you have on the phone, or straight from the TV browser.

I keep digging the web for more such events and links, follow up here so you don’t miss any of them.

What do you think about this?

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