Townhouse 27 hotel in Belgrade, photo by placescases.com

Townhouse 27 hotel, within a stone’s throw length to the main pedestrian street in Belgrade, Serbia.

Townhouse 27 hotel score by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 4.9 out of 5.

April  2019


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We searched for a nice hotel in the center of Belgrade in booking.com and so I came across Townhouse 27. It was literally meters away from the main pedestrian Kneža Mihajla, at very convenient walking distance to any attractions. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel there was also the Coffee Room with boutique cakes, macaroni, ice cream and many other desserts. Within 15 minutes you are at Crna Ovca– the cafe with the finest ice creams in Belgrade, Bar Central with the best cocktails and Smokvica with the tastiest burgers in Belgrade.
Beton Hala with all the party establishments at the port of Sava is 15-20 minutes away too. There are also Ambar and Toro.

I booked a family room for my family of 2 adults and 2 children and got EUR 50 genius discount from booking.com.

See ….

…. Neat style of the interior at the reception with stylized accents– an interesting chandelier, installation of wood, acrylic glass panels, located in several places, combined in a complete concept;

…. The smiles of the receptionists.

Listen …
…. Quite a bit of street noise, even with the windows closed.

Feel ….

…. We got a kind upgrade of the room, granted just like this. As a result, we had the pleasure of sleeping in the Grand Deluxe Suite- very comfortable, besides it had two rooms, it had a bathroom to the master bedroom and an additional toilet;

…. Among other things, we immediately got a complement  glass of wine from the Sapat cellar, which was advertised in the hotel, and the children got juice;

…. Everything I asked for was done immediately- additional blankets, instructions on how to get to some place, the children were cared for and indulged with cookies, which by the way were baked in-house, and when leaving the hotel, we got all some of them as presents.

Smell ….

…. The appetizing aroma of fresh charcuterie, cheese, and other treats for breakfast;

…. Fresh coffee smell in the room in the morning – we had two complementary coffee capsules in the suite. For the next morning, you’re supposed to buy the capsules.


Movie-watching time: 2 min

Taste ….

…. Breakfast was rich, although the cafeteria hosting it was not large;

…. The absolute hit in the breakfast was pork greaves- for the first time I see such an option in a hotel breakfast;

…. Mini corn-muffins which are traditional in the region;

…. Very tasty banitsa – pastry with cheese and spinach;

…. The charcuterie was fresh and very nice- pure meat ham, spicy salami, smoked ham like Brezaola and turkey ham;

…. It is obligatory to indulge yourself with the wine tasting vouchers from Sapat (Shapat). Red was a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and local Vranats and it had matured for 2 years in oak. White was Chardonnay, also matured in oak and it was obvious in its flavours- rich, tropical, vanilla nose.

…. It turned out that the whole breakfast was in-house production, as I was told by the receptionists.

We loved our stay at Townhouse 27. I recommend it to anyone who wants to be near the center. Small and very neat, in one of the side streets. Some 10 meters away on the same street was the underground garage which costed apprx. EUR 15. A little farther away was Parking Ovilicev Venac,a huge parking building, which we used as we stayed in Art Hotel Beograd. It’s okay and costed EUR 12 per day.

How to book your stay in Belgrade?

If you can’t wait to go to Belgrade for a long weekend like I did, you can book your stay right here. For your convenience, I added a booking.com box, which refers directly to their site. I guarantee you’re going to use all your genius discounts and privileges they would offer to you. Just enter the dates of your trip, then hit the Search button and voila. In addition, booking.com are doing their best to make sure that your expectations as a customer are fulfilled. I’ve described an example about the latter in  my story about our stay in Shangri-La hotel in Singapore.


How to get to Townhouse 27 hotel in Belgrade?

Don’t worry about getting to Townhouse 27 hotel. Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

Маршала Бирјузова 56, Београд 11000, Сърбия

A: 56, Maršala Birjuzova st., 11000, Belgrade, Serbia

T: +381 11 20 22 900, +(381) 60 80 50 290

E: hotel@townhouse27.com

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