Гаспачо, традиционната храна в Севиля/Gaspacho

A quick guide to Seville, Spain, part 3- 15 recommendations which local food and drinks to try and where

June 2024, Seville, local food and drinks

In Part 1 of this guide to Seville, I described the 15 most important facts about the city. In Part 2, I gave 12 recommendations for what to do while you’re there. In the third part, we will talk about the famous Spanish cuisine.

In Spain, a popular form of serving food is tapas – ie. small portions of different meals.

So you can try different things. So feel free to order tapas, lots of them, to enjoy the varied flavors and aromas of Andalucia.

What traditional local food to try in Seville?

1.We start with the simplest – a board with cold cuts and cheese and especially Jamon Iberico.

The Iberico breed is a black pig that is bred in Spain. The animals feed on acorns and graze freely. The result is flavorful and tender meat.

Also try salsichon, chorizo, and lomo. They are served swimming in grease, but it is not unpleasant. And the most common cheese is manchego. All this goes perfectly with the local wine.

2. Have paella. This is a traditional Spanish dish based on rice, in which we put various vegetables, seafood or meat, sometimes both and it is very tasty, a must try. It’s offered at most of the places.

3. Try as many wines as you can. The restaurants offer the most Rioja, a red wine in which the base is always from the Tempranillo variety, and Veredjo is the most common white variety. Feel free to drink by the glass, because they always pour you from a bottle and the quality is top notch. The local wine is usually Sherry because the cradle of Sherry, Jerez de Lafornterra, is 1 hour away by train from Seville. The local version is Manzanilla and this is fino sherry.

Fino is a type of Sherry that is aged anaerobically (ie without oxygen) under a fine covering of bacteria called “flor” that isolates the wine from oxygen.

If you are looking for sweet sherry, be sure to make it clear that you want it sweet, because this drink has unsweetened versions. You can also try orange wine Vino de Naranja, it is sherry that has been aged with orange peels.

4. Cool off with Sangria – it’s made from wine, with soda, fruit and lots of ice. It is amazing! It can be of white or red wine. In some places you will see Tinto De Verano on the menu, it is a sangria without fruit. All bars and restaurants have it.

Сангрия/ Sangria

5. Patatas bravas are just plain fried potatoes with something like ketchup and mayonnaise on top, I don’t recommend them. Most of the time they are blasé and it’s nothing special.

Пататас бравас, традиционна храна в Севиля/ Patatas bravas

6. Gazpacho and salmorejo: the local cold soups, made with tomato puree and are superb. Our whole family loved them. Try as many as possible. The best we tasted was at El Pasaje Tapas.

Гаспачо, традиционната храна в Севиля/Gaspacho

7. Torta Inés Rosales or Tortas De Inés Rosales – this is not a sweet cake, but something like a torta made in the Inés Rosales factory. It is a crispy dough with the aroma of anise and other spices. It is sprinkled with olive oil, tomatoes, fish or chicken, maybe curry. It’s very tasty and unlike anything you’ve tried, it comes in tapas form. At El Pasaje Tapas I liked it very much.

Torta de Rozales

8. Spinach with chickpeas (Espinacas Con Garbanzos): served on tapas and is a local traditional vegetarian dish. It’s nice, especially if you don’t feel like eating meat in the heat.

Спанак с нахут, традиционна храна в Севиля

9. Stewed Pork Cheeks or Carrillada: very tasty, slow cooked stew, usually goes with potatoes. Can be ordered as tapas. You can find it at most of the tapas restaurants.

10. Aged beef: very good and at significantly lower prices than Bulgaria. We liked it very much at El Pasaje Tapas.

Рибай стек/ Ribeye steak

11. Oxtail: tender slow-cooked beef, very tasty.

12. Nougat and Caramelized Nuts: You will often see them offered for tasting on the street from artesian shops. They caramelize their nuts on the spot, sell different forms of halva, sugar roosters and caramelized grape seeds, strawberries in chocolate glaze, and all sorts of other delights.

Карамелена близалка и ягода с шоколадова глазура

13. Helado or gelato, in Bulgarian – ice cream: it’s everywhere, it’s very tasty and it’s a good idea to eat it in this heat.

14. The restaurant that we liked and impressed the most was El Pasaje Tapas.Every day they had a different daily menu, each time delicious and interesting. They sell aged beef, they cook it very well, of course they offer lovely wine by the glass, they seat you quickly, only if you plan to go for dinner later, 22:30 is the last time to book. After that, they no longer accept guests for dinner.

El Pasaje Tapas

15. If you are looking for a good place for brunch, Filo and opposite Filo Sandwicheria are good. They have nice eggs benedict, omelette and other interesting things.

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If you haven’t read the other 2 parts with tips about Seville, don’t miss to do it. Part 1 is abut 15 interesting facts about Seville, Part 2 offers 12 tips for good time in the city.

Можеш да изгледаш и това кратко филмче, ако вече не си го направила в част 1 или 2 от този пътеводител (3:13)

How to get to all these places in Seville?

To reach the recommended places listed by me, use this Google map. Select the icon of the place you are interested in, then click on the arrow, and it will open the navigation map for you. The map is the same for this and the following, part 3, of this guide, where I recommend places to eat.

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