Гъбите на Севиля/ Setas de Sevillia

A quick guide to Seville, Spain, part 2- 12 tips for a good time in the city

June 2024, Seville

In Part 1 of this guide to Seville, I described the 15 most important facts about the city. Now I continue with 12 recommendations of what to do while you are there.

12 recommendations for what to do while in Seville

1.Visit the Alcázar Castle: pronounced with an accent on the second A. Buy tickets in advance, online, though. Access is limited to the number of people, each ticket has an exact entry time. It is very beautiful, it has a huge garden with ducks and peacocks. You can download an audio guide and listen to information as you walk around it. And another very important thing – many scenes from Game of Thrones, more precisely the kingdom of Dorne, were filmed in it.

2. See the Cathedral as well as the Giralda Tower: you also need a pre-purchased ticket for them. You can get a combo for the castle, cathedral and tower. I suggest to buy it online.

3. Visit at least one flamenco show: you can go to the Falemnco Theater, but you can also go to a smaller stage like Casa De La Memoria. Some offer ticket with combination of a drink and food. There are many possibilities, but if you want to go to a specific place, buy a ticket online in advance.

4. Walk around the old quarter in downtown Santa Cruz. We stayed near it and it was very nice and comfortable.

5. Stay in a guest house to feel the local vibe. The buildings of the houses all have a patio, often there is a fountain and a garden in it. We stayed at Palacete Molina.

6. Plan your day because between 2 and 6 o’clock many places close. If you have targeted specific bars and restaurants, look at their working days and hours, because you may be surprised.

7. The Fine Arts Gallery has canvases by Diego Velazquez, Alfonso Vazquez, Marillo. The latter became our favorite artist. I warn you that most of the canvases have biblical themes.

8. You can also visit Pilate’s house and the Cathedral of Salvador, but they more or less duplicate the Alcázar and the great cathedral in style.

9. Go to and climb up on the Mushrooms of Seville (Setas de Sevilla): this is a construction of huge, latticed fluid umbrellas. During the day they are impressive, but in the evening they start to glow in different lights and become magical. They are impressive from below, but when you go up you have a wonderful view, and the light show is also very beautiful. Buy a ticket in advance for the time of your choice. I recommend that you see what time the sunset is and buy tickets for an hour a little before. This way you will enjoy the view during the day, then the sunset and finally the light show in the dark. Be aware that many people crowd the railings to take pictures. First to the west, then to the length of the structure, because of the lights.

10. Walk to Plaza España in the Maria Luisa Gardens. The two are next to each other. The square and the building were made especially for the expo in 1929, currently it houses museums and administrative buildings. Part of Star Wars Episode II, Attack of the Clones, was filmed there. You will also recognize the square in Simply Red’s music video, Something Got Me Started.

Going towards the Plaza España, you will pass a large low building that currently houses the University of Seville. But it was once the cigarette factory that was of huge economic importance to the city. The main character of Bizet’s Carmen worked there. The building is surrounded by a moat, the purpose of which was to prevent access to it, so important was the building.

11. Take part in a workshop to make espadrilles, or as they are actually called Espardeñas. It’s a lot of fun, you choose between 3 models that you decorate yourself.

12. You can plan a visit to Seville when there is a concert of your favorite band or artist. We were at an AC/DC concert at Estadio La Cartuja – great organization! There was a pop-up bar for fans to buy merchandise and socialize about their favorite band before and after the concert. The stadium opened 3 hours before the show with lots of bars and street food, plus a DJ playing hard rock and metal. After the concert they didn’t close, everything stayed open, ACDC songs were heard from the speakers, fans continued to share the energy of the great show we all witnessed. Most importantly, we never waited in line for anything. Additional bus transport was arranged but we chose to walk, we were in large groups of walkers with lightning shirts.

Don’t miss Part 3 of this guide, because it is about what to eat and drink while in Seville.

Watch a short movie about Seville if you haven’t seen it yet in part 1 (3:13 min).

How to get to all these places in Seville?

To reach the recommended places listed by me, use this Google map. Select the icon of the place you are interested in, then click on the arrow, and it will open the navigation map for you. The map is the same for this and the following, part 3, of this guide, where I recommend places to eat.

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