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placescases.com has a new rubric- Faces Cases.

The rubric Faces Cases is dedicated to the persons behind the most notable restaurants, hotels, bars, any places or events that the blog has been sensographing in Sofia and Bulgaria. Whether by accident or on purpose, these places apply the principles of the Experience Economy, a theory by Joseph Pine and James Gilmore. They don’t just sell food, accommodation, drinks, or any kind of services. They sell to their customers memorable experiences.
According to the experience economy, the most memorable are those experiences which have 4 basic qualities: they are entertaining, aesthetic, educational and escapist. This magic mix is achieved when a place serves its customers as if it is putting on an interactive theatre performance, in which the clients are both audience and actors.

(To find out more about the Experience economy, have a look at the publications in the section dedicated to it. You will find it on the main menu of the blog.)

Such places are so impressive that I did not resist and decided to pull back the curtain and to peek backstage of these peculiar theaters. I shall introduce you to their playwrights, directors, managers, actors- all those people who had invested soul, imagination, efforts, sleepless nights to create a place that the customers pick out of many, share with them their time and budget, and recommend them.

Expect very soon the first post of this rubric. You’re wondering who’s going to be in the spotlight? I’m just going to give a hint that she’s a woman, TV famous, she cooks awesomely tasty food, she’s a fighter, she is a chef in a new place in Sofia and she is perfect for starting my new column.

Look at that face, and you’ll see a success case!

Unknown female chef

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