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Last time visited in December 2015-January 2016 with family and friends

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See the clean interior style, interesting decoration whims, stylized apple basket beside the elevator, swimming pool with slide door between the outdoor and indoor part

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Smelldelicious food at breakfast and dinner, prepared with style and mastery

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Taste the wonderful dinner of the Half Board, delicious and rich breakfast, elder and prosecco cocktail or any other drink at the lobby bar

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Feel and Experiencepersonnel’s friendly and kind attitude

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Hear in the hotel and around, mainly Italian speech. The staff almost everywhere in the resort does not speak much English and a basic level of Italian is of great help.

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If you find the idea of skiing in the Italian Dolomites, staying in a hotel with gourmet dinner and SPA, this is your place.

I have never been in Andalo. It is 40km far from Trento and it is a pretty village with appr. 1000 population, close to the ski runs, with ice rink and other attractions for kids.

We were accommodated in a junior suite named Selvapiana, consisting of 2 rooms and a small walk-in wardrobe.

There is not much furniture and carpets but we felt comfortable and the suite was spacious.

We had nice view to the village and a small terrace.

The hotel room offers bath robes and flip-flops. Regarding the cosmetics, you shouls bring your own, since here you will find only  basic things like soap, shampoo and shower gel.

The mini bar is empty but you do not need it. You’d be better of going downstairs to the lobby bar and try the elder and prosecco cocktail or any other drink.

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The biggest asset of this hotel is the restaurant, open for outer guests too. The breakfast is rich and well selected. There were several types of salami, hams, cheese, fruit, vegetables, several cook styles of eggs, plenty of pastry and besides you can make yourself a waffle, which you can top up with a broad range of jams and Nutella.

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We did not have lunch at the hotel, since we preferred the bars and restaurants on the ski hills. The receptionist recommended to us several restaurants, the best of which was Rifugio La Roda, at Paganella peak.

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The half board dinner offered buffet salads and starters, impressing with its variety and culinary bravery and taste! The cuisine performance does not stop here. From the cart we could choose from 3-course gourmet meal. Everything was very well prepared, with impressive plating and served with a broad smile. Our favorite waitress was Adella, always in good mood and smiling.

There is a separate cart for the kids with starters, main course and dessert. There is an option for pasta, fish and other types of food. The menu did not change while we were there which is not convenient for kids who do not like any of the offered meals. The situation can be improved by adding various types of pizza.

One more extra are the snacks and drinks and the lobby bar.

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Of course the climax of our culinary trip in Corona Dolomites was the menu on New Years Eve. It represented a flawless 5-course gastronomic pleasure. The dessert was an art piece- a small winter subject from the pine forest. The pine bark on the picture is made of chocolate filled with light cream with raspberry, topped with cocoa powder and chocolate crumbs, decorated with caramel chips.

Dessert on NY Eve at Corona Dolomites by placescases.com
Dessert on NY Eve at Corona Dolomites by placescases.com

You can match this delicious food with wine from the region- white, red and sparkled. I would recommend Masetto Nero, representing the red wines and Sauvignon Sanct Valentin from st Michael Eppan winery. From the sparkled wines- rose Opera from Trento region.


Unfortunately the ski schools  organization does not meet the expectations. Long queues, the staff doesn’t speak English, difficulty to receive enough info about the schedules, the instructors. We did not use their services since we were very disappointed by the total lack of order.

If you carry your own ski boots, there is a ski wardrobe in the hotel with boot driers.

If you rent equipment, the first day a bus takes you to the wardrobe. All the other days you may take the ski tour buses which  have several stops in the village and you can go to both gondola stations. The service in the ski wardrobe is fast and friendly. The hotel works in partnership with it and we got a discount.

The resort lifts are in good condition but have in mind that if you visit Andalo during the Italian pupils vacation, there will be queues for the gondola. The artifitial snow is good for skiing, without ice and you can spend good time on the ski runs.

Apart from having fun on the ski slopes you can go for a tour in the region. In a short disctance from Andalo is another picturesque place named Molveno. There is a clear crystal lake surrounded by beautiful hills. The place around the lake is designed for walks, picnic and fun.

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If you have some more free time from skiing, you can visit also Trento.

There is one more thing I would like to stress upon, regarding the service in the hotel Corona Dolomites. I have forgotten my laptop in the room and noticed in some thousands of km from Italy. I wrote an e-mail to the hotel, asking to find it and transfer it to a friend of mine who was still staying at the hotel. The staff found my possession and transferred it to my friends, so I got it finally in good condition. So not only you will be pampered by the personell of Corona Dolomimtes but also your property.

I would recommend traveling to Andalo out of school vacation period and if possible, although not obligatory, after snowing in the region. However, Corona Dolomites is one of the preferable choices in Andalo.


Address:  6 Via Dossi, Andalo, Italy

Tel: +39 0461 585872

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