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Rating for bistro Craft by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 4.7 out of 5.

April 2018


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Bistro Craft in Sofia was nominated in Gastrobar category for the awards of Bacchus magazine “Restaurant of the Year Award for 2017”.


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See ….

…. The whole appearance of the place is for modern urban youths or youthful souls 🙂 – the staff are kindl young people, the interior is a fine combination of modernity and classics;

…. There is a garden but it is under a glass house, it is open at two places but it is not enough and inside smoking is allowed, I hope that in summer it will be fully open;

The food looks good in the dishes;

… The menu is small, with only a few representatives in a category, most of them in the warm appetizers, suitable for sharing, but the food is quality.

Hear ….

…. An bit slower service than needed – they were constantly apologizing for small omissions; we wanted to attract the attention of several waiters to pay our bill but unsuccessfully. Finally we went to the cashier and they started to apologize again. They are nice despite of the slight gaps.


Hear ….

Amy Winehouse, soul, Indian ethno – I liked it very much, but if it was an idea quieter could be better or at least to select soul pieces that sound soft, not long, stretched and stronger than needed “Oh, Oh, Oooooh, woooow! “.


Smell ….

…. The hummus smells pleasingly of exotic spices, and there are delicious hot breads to it;

…. Great soft aroma of sea and herbs of the pesto with mussels and wild onions, and maybe some mustard added, in the  tuna bruschetta.


 Taste ….

…. Drink a cocktail while waiting for the meal – you can even just visit for a drink, I tried a Mojito, it was good but withtoo much of ice;

…. Salad with green bean pods, zucchini, garlic, cherry tomatoes, quail egg (served with prosciutto crudo, but since I do not like it, I asked not to add it) – very tasty, I will try to do it at home;

…. Bruschetta, besides written in the menu there is another one with a tuna fish, which is very delightful– on a whole-grain bread, the pesto I mentioned above, the tuna fish and the seasoned green salad, I loved it!

…. The pork tenderloin with potatoes and mustard sauce looked good and very much to the tastе of one of my friends;

…. Dessert Pavlova  is not what you expect, that is, it’s not a cake, it’s very effective and maybe easier to cook in a jar – meringue, mascarpone and strawberries.

… There is a large wine list, but I did not try it – next time is my time.

On Tsar Asen str, away from the rush of the central pedestrian Vitoshka str., you can hide from the crowds at bistro Craft. There had been a restaurant there for a long time, and its biggest advantage was the garden that was not in the street, but hidden behind the house. With my girlfriends we went many times there, under the quiet and calm shade in the garden during the hot summer months- it was our favorite randevu. The place was changing owners and for some time we did not visit it. We decided to go back in our old steps and see what it is now.

I liked the new look, but I didn’t like that the garden was covered with a glass house and smoking was allowed. It was crowded. If you  do not tolerate cigarette smoke, you will have to sit inside.

In case you decide to visit Craft, make a reservation, especially if your plans are for an afterwork drink or a light dinner. From 18 o’clock. it is full of people.

I would like to try the wine list next time and see if they offer wine by glass. Hopefully the garden will be open this time.

How to get to bistro Craft in Sofia?

A: Sofia, 53Tsar Asen str,

T: +359 894 419 133

E: office@craft-bistro.com

Working hours: “Every day, 10 am -12 am”, which means until midnight, but on the phone they explained that they close at 22 o’clock, so as not to disturb the neighbors.

To navigate with Google Maps to the location of Craft, click on the pin in the map and then hit Directions:

ул. „Цар Асен I-ви“ 53, 1463 Център, София, България

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