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Score by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com for Annual Awards for Best Culinary Blogger in 2027 by blogovoditel.com: 5 out of 5.

May 2018


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There are some people who keep so much love for the culinary art in their heart and so much dexterity in their hands that they cannot help sharing it with the public. These are the authors of culinary blogs. Each year, the site, which combines their work in a common platform, Blogovoditel (blogovoditel.com) organizes them a holiday and grants awards in several categories.

I had the pleasure to attend again this even, just like in 2016,  which by tradition tales place in the Metro Academy.

Read about the Culinary Bloggers Awards for 2015 in my review:


The organizers of this event each year are two heroes, completely different as personalities, but united in a common endeavor through their passion for culinary, namely Mr. Ilian Dimitrov and Mr. Ivo Stankov.



See ….

…. Many attending enthusiasts, who are eagerly waiting to hear the winners this year, representatives of sponsor companies, hosts of Metro Academy;

…. Beautifully arranged and appetizing-looking bites by Cult Gourmet Catering of Chef Dimo Dimov, who was also responsible for the feeding of the guests from the EU, during the Bulgarian  euro-presidency;

…. Chef Yuri Velev, again hosts the event as a major figure of Metro Academy, who called the culinary bloggers colleagues and confessed that he keeps track of their blogging with pleasure and interest.

…. The colorful motifs and spring mood in the labels of the wine of the event- La Sastreria, 2017, white and rosé, variety Garnacha from Spain.


Feel ….

…. The excitement of the attendants;

…. The cheerful mood and child cheerfulness of Ilian’s daughter , Bojidara, who clearly and inspiredly announced: “My father is the best Chef in the world!”.


Listen ….

…. When it is about good food cooking, we immediately think of Italian cuisine, so the Italian music before the ceremony was quite well fitting the event;

…. The modest words of gratitude by the winners and their recognition that each nominee deserves the prize in the respective category;

…. The open confession by one of the bloggers Tanya Doneva, that she thought that these awards are given in an unfair manner and its great astonishment that she won 2 prizes.



Smell …

…. Pleasant mushroom aroma in round bites with chicken and mushrooms;

…. Aroma of berries, strawberries in wine La Sastreria Garnacha Rose, 2017, score 3.2 of 5 in Vivino with medium acids, will be a pleasant drink in the summer;

…. Citrus notes and the fresh aroma of white dry wine La Sastrería Garnacha Blanca 2017, rated 3.7 in Vivino.

 Taste ….

…. Crispy crackers with cheese mousse and salmon variation- very fine and easy for consumption;

…. Wonderful vegetarian bite with a puff of pastry and carrot mousse;

…. Very nice mini tarts with crème brulee.



I was interested in learning about Blogovoditel.com‘s new plans. Ilian and Ivo have decided to make a platform in which all the authors of culinary blogs to write their articles in an easy and convenient format, something like WordPress, only that dedicated to gastronomy. They plan to publish Volume 1 with the best recipes from the site. To make their efforts even more formal, they will also establish an association of culinary bloggers. I wish them good luck, they deserve it and not only in Bulgaria.

And here are the winners in the categories:

  1. The dishes of Grandma“-The jury gave the prize to the Stork nest with author Iliana Nikolova, who has been writing her blog for 10 years now. Bravo for her persistence and undying enthusiasm. The award of the audience in this category took Food for my cannibals  by mama Pepa Stoeva. I wish her never to stop cooking and writing!
  2. Citizen of the World” – The Jury awards My Candy Kitchen by Ekaterina Mircheva, which took part in a live connection from Austria and the audience chose the Smells like… by Petya Argirova.
  3. In the category “Warm from the oven” The jury awards Tanya Doneva, author of My delicious hobby with passion and love. A favorite of the audience here is the blog of the eldest among all Zdravka Nikolova and her Ladle with Desire. This sweet woman wept and seemed difficult to believe that at her age she was able to gain recognition in the territory of the virtual space, which seemed to belong more to the generations after her.
  4. Vanilla flavor” distinguishes My delicious hobby with passion and love and Tanya Doneva, without backstage machinations and unfair treatment. 😊 Here the audience had liked my favorite from the last time, metal rocker Lucy Evtimova with Lussi’s World of Artcraft.
  5. Wing or drumstick” the prize was given to mom Pepa for Food for my cannibals. I guess meat is her passion. Feed the ‘cannibals” Pepcho, don’t stop! And who do you think liked the audience : again Lucy with Lussi’s World of Artcraft.
  6. Quick and delicious” cooks Ekaterina Mircheva with My Candy Kitchen, and according to the audience Lucy and her Lussi’s World of Artcraft are doing great aslo in this category.
  7. Sweet Pleasure” brings Angellove’s Cooking blog by Mina Angelova. The audience chose….. (Lucy, you’ve robbed the awards, girl! You are great deall!) Lussi’s World of Artcraft
  8. The undisputed winner of “Healthy Recipes“, both for the jury and the audience, is Delicious with Betty, Bianca Yovcheva.
  9. The award for food styling or “Visual feast” won again Angellove’s Cooking and Mina Angelova. And the audience has opted for second prize Bianca Yovcheva and her
  10. Delicious with Betty.
  11. The most interesting “Culinary voyages” are those of Maria Pepeldzhijska and the blog Colorful… With Cinderella and once again of My Candy Kitchen by Ekaterina Mircheva.


Congratulations to all the winners, admiration for all nominated and Bravo to all culinary bloggers-enthusiasts, who make efforts to promote cooking as a hobby, a way to relax, selftherapy, communication and everything else.

Wishes to Ilian and Ivo for much successes and energy to continue with the same spirit. Do not stop cooking, give a good mood and promote Bulgarian culinary fans.

бул. „Цариградско шосе“ 90, 1784 7-ми 11-ти километър, София, България

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