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Cosmos score by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 4.9 out of 5.

May 2018


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For several years the answer to this question for me has been the same- Cosmos. This is still one of the most interesting of the 5 dimensional experience places that I have visited in the world  and personally for me the best gourmet restaurant in Sofia. This is a restaurant with a concept that inspires creativity and new horizons, and the people there are succeeding to achieve them.

There are new things is the menu, the drinks, the people… For example, Chef Boykovski is no longer there. Since the beginning of 2018 there are other people who combined efforts to be responsible for the cuisine – Diana Petrova and Vladislav Penov. There is a new addition in the face of Valentin Ivanov who has worked for restaurants with 2 Michelin stars such as Librije Zisje in Waldorf Astoria, Holland and with Heston Blumenthal. Alex Tsenov is still responsible for the desserts, among which in addition to the old Pastry with boza and Bulgarian rose, there are two new noteworthy.


…. The restaurant is full of people speaking in all European languages every day of the week;

…. New additions in the menu and there are already tasting menus with fixed prices, with two options, with and without drinks– some of the dishes are combined with the famous delicious cocktails of the restaurant;

…. Alex Tsenov- Master confectioner, who personally serves desserts and tells guests about them;

…. The tatoos of the waiters – the cool restaurants should not restrict the vision of their people,  such a free spirit in the service is something that will open fine dining for more people, especially from Y and Z generations. A similar sensation I had in Shiki, Vienna, a winner of a Michelin star.



…. As if I’m home– I feel always comfortable, the floor has a Chiprovtsi carpet, on the ceiling folded Rhodope blankets, the waiters speak with the customers friendly, without intruding, it feels they are proud working for Cosmos!

…. One small mistake I detected before, and it repeated now: they served our second meal a little earlier, before we were finished with the first- so either we had to hurry to eat the first or we had to eat the second cold. My remark was accepted with apology;

…. Homemade Limoncello, as a compliment, served before dessert to clear the taste, slightly sour and cold;

…. A wonderful finishing with crispy elements in every dish- from the compliment starter crispy bread airbag with yogurt mousse, slightly spicy, very pleasant, to the dessert gin with tonic with soft panna cotta, surrounded by mousses and gels of gin and tonic with crispy strips of fresh cucumber!


…. As always ethno in jazz arrangement and club beat– it’s very cool, reminds Kottarashky.


…. Slightly acrid smell of krokmach (salted mousse, sauce, cream or something between all of these made of salted sheep’s milk, subjected to a long fermentation, as per an old Bulgarian recipe)-present in many dishes, something like underlying accompanying element, even in desserts, gives color and character to Cosmos’s cuisine;

…. Lemon grass with gin and tonic dessert- fresh, energizing panna cota!

…. Scent of hazelnut in a mousse in the dish asparagus with a mousse of krokmach, slightly sweet sorbet of asparagus, crisps from the peels of the asparagus, crackled like popcorn seeds and wonderful chips of wholegrain bread- a great, playful vegetarian dish!


…. I already mentioned the asparagus with sorbet and krokmach– I loved it!

…. On the pork ribs from the Eastern Balkan pig there are pop- porks made from the skin of the pig– they are unique as a smell and as crispness!;

…. Appetizer with Oyster mushroom, on krokmach, mixed with lervuda puree (wild garlic, Bulgarian superfood), sprinkled with horseradish snow, topped with charred, very crispy cucumber- wonderful appetizer, slightly spicy, cold, just for the summer!

…. I do not know which dessert to recommend you from the new- both are very tasty and are a different type: One is with panna cotta and I already mentioned it, the other is with chocolate mousse and sorbet from krokmach with activated charcoal– Bravo Alex, a unique finish!

By the recommendation of the manager I drank a glass of dry white Midalidare Pino Gris Single Vinyard, 2016, which very well opened citrus flavors and medium acids. The wine is wonderful and very well matching the Oyster mushroom and supported the aroma of Krokmach. Next time, if there’s a glass of wine that’s more fragrant, it might be aged in a new oak, I’d try to see how it’d correspond with the Krokmach.

We also tried sweet wine Dimyat from Dragomir. There is more to be expected and working on the issue, but I am glad that Bulgarian winemakers try to make such a beverage.

I’m always happy to visit Cosmos. If one asks me for a recommendation on the best restaurant in Sofia, this is my first choice. I’m going to visit them again soon.

A: Sofia, 19 “Lavele” str.,

T: + 359 888 200 700

E: bashcosmos@gmail.com

Working time: Every day 11:00-23:00

To get to Cosmos, use placescases.com and the google maps guide by pressing on the red pin on the map and then selecting directions:

1000 Център, София, България

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