Etno Kuca Kapica, photo by placescases.com


Rating for Etno Kuca Kapica by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 2.8 out of 5.

Last visit in March 2018.


Seen                   3 Big Hearts by the 5d Sensograph of placescases.com

Felt                    4 Big Hearts by the 5d Sensograph of placescases.com

Heard                3 Big Hearts by the 5d Sensograph of placescases.com                

Smelled             3 Big Hearts by the 5d Sensograph of placescases.com



See ….

…. Huge indoor spaces + winter garden and also outdoor garden, so that the restaurant can accommodate the crowds of people coming for lunch on Saturday and Sunday from Bulgaria;

…. A terrible looking toilet- I gave up on it;

…. The road to there is shockingly bad- narrow, filthy, muddy, not cleaned at all, with holes, but otherwise they have a large parking, actually the road ends there.


Feel ….

…. Lack of enthusiasm and diligence by the waiters- as if they are doing a routine job because they know that Saturday and Sunday customers from Bulgaria will pour in and will make a turnover for a whole week.


Hear ….

…. Extremely load Serbian folk music- we’re going to eat anyway, not get up to dance on the tables!



Smell  ….

…. Pleskavica (a large mincemeat patty) smelled unpleasant;

…. The freshly baked tortilla like bread smelled great.

Taste ….

…. From everything we ordered, including salad, ajvar with leek, bread, veal soup, grill (pleskavica, smoked steak, kebabs and ushtiptsi), tulumba and baklava, the things worth eating were the tortilla in combination with leek, the soup was good and tulumba desert was also nice- this lunch was full fiasco!;

…. I don’t have anything left to suggest you to try but a beer, local.

I can’t understand why everyone so praised this pub as it in no way impresses except with its large garden. The food is mediocre- the grill was made in the morning to be able to serve it quickly to the big crowd of people jamming in at noon. The potatoes were dry, like they were made yesterday. The minced meat didn’t smell good, and it had bad smell. The toilet was staggering.

If you want to have  nice Serbian grill, drive some 25 km (30 min) to Pirot and visit Kraljev Cardak , which you can read here.

How to get to Etno Kuca Kapica?

To navigate with Google Maps to the location of Etno Kuca Kapicaclick on the pin in the map and then hit Directions:

Lukavica, Serbia

А: Serbia, 18320 Dimitrovgrad, Lukavica

T: + 381/10 360 465, + 381/64 421 50 69

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