Доставка на брънчове от КОТО/Brunch deliveries from KOTO, photo by placescases.com

Gourmet @home – Part 8, themed brunch deliveries from KOTO, Sofia

Cover image: Stuffed squid with rice and spices, themed brunch deliveries of from KOTO, Sofia

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After posting a fairly comprehensive list of good restaurants that deliver food to an address in Sofia and Bulgaria, in a previous article Gourmet @home- Part 1, I decided it was worth testing out how the delivery system works in Sofia and sharing my impressions.

In Gourmet @home – Part 7, cocktail deliveries and mixology online courses at home from 5L Speakeasy Bar, Sofia, I described my impressions of the incredible cocktails and online course, organized by 5L Bar.

As I’ve already explained in a previous post, each of the establishments I write about, deserves the maximum of 5 hearts from the 5D Sensograph, because of their courage to face the challenge of forced lockdown, but to find a way to stay close to their customers and indulge them with delicious food and drinks.

So, @home articles are a rating-free zone, which aims to promote and assist all restaurant entrepreneurs who cannot practice their business as usual and  maybe face difficulty maintaining it.

In this review, Gourmet @home- Part 8, the stars who received maximum hearts are restaurant Koto and their jolly team.

KOTO @home, themed brunch deliveries

5 Big Hearts by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com

Max 5 hearts by the  5D Sensograph of placescases.com received the most regularly visited place by placescases.com, because of their themed Saturday and Sunday brunches – KOTO.

Just before declaring the state of emergency by the government, I was preparing a publication about these brunches. Every Sunday, we traveled to a new destination in the world, through the tastes and aromas of the traditional cuisine there.

It didn’t look right to publish the article when the restaurants were forcibly closed and could not welcome their guests. To my delight, Koto adapted their work to the new conditions and restored the themed brunches by delivering food to people’s homes.

The terrace opens for visitors on Sunday, 15 May. For the good safety of the customers, the brunch is served in individual portions, as are home deliveries, and not on a buffet table, as it was before and as it will be, I hope very soon. I promise to release later the other article, I’m just waiting for the normal visits to be restored not only outdoors but also indoors.

See ….

…. Stylish branded cardboard boxes for the food;

…. The salmon in fluffy butter dough, Wellington style, looked very tempting;

…. The stuffed squid from the Greek brunch was not only visually interesting, but also extremely tasty!

Hear ….

…. A very sunny girl named Ellie takes orders over the phone and radiates good mood on the phone.

Feel ….

…. The courier was kind, wearing a mask, as per the requirements;

… The boxes are perfectly sealed. The lid was glued and there is no danger of spilling, leaking, dropping food, as well as contamination by a person who carries it.



Smell ….

…. My favorite jasmine rice with saffron butter sauce smelled so good! My whole family wanted as much as possible from it;

…. The fragrant orange dessert, Greek sweet pie, drizzled with chocolate syrup – was juicy and very tasty;

…. Aromas of sea from mussels saganaki – we really like this Greek dish, we ate it well! There was nice Greek pita with them, to dip into the tomato sauce.

Taste ….

…. The salmon in dough wrap not only looked wonderful, but it was terribly delicious;

… The pea puree had a fine texture and paired well with grilled artichokes;

…. The homemade eclairs with dark chocolate and a filling of fresh and fragrant orange cream were also very nice;

… From the Greek brunch the lamb kleftiko was very nice.

Kleftiko in Greek means “stolen”. It’s so delicious that you can’t help stealing it! 😊 In fact, it is named so because of the specific way in which it was prepared by the thieves (in Greek Klefths) of goats and lambs. They cooked the meat in underground ovens so that the fire would not be visible on the surface for curious glances. In this way the meat was stewed, trapping all the flavors and juices and becoming very tender.

In the present times, there are a variety of recipes – with or without marinating, only with spices or with spices and vegetables. Some recipes are slow, on the principle of slow cooking, others are faster. It is important that the meat is wrapped in baking paper or foil, to stew and preserve the aromas.

I definitely miss the brunches in the Koto restaurant, but this moment will come too. Until then, I continue to order remotely.

Thank you, KOTO, for your delicious gourmet street food deliveries to my home!

You can see their delivery menu here.

Unfortunately, I cannot write about my impressions from restaurants outside Sofia, but I believe that the places listed at Gourmet @home- Part 1 are doing great job, because I personally tested them on the spot and did not come across this blog just by accident, rather were specially selected for it.

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