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Gourmet @home- Part 1, food deliveries in Bulgaria

Cover Photo: Shrimps on toast with olive oil, garlic and herbs, finished with white wine, food deliveries from restaurant Bistrello, Sofia, delivered home

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This article from the latest rubric of placescases.com, @home, created due to emerging pandemic circumstances that affected the lifestyle of all of us, is dedicated to fine dining.
The need to be accountable and stay at home provoked me to create @home to gather in a concentrated manner favorite places and events that we can stay close to, even at home.
In the first publication Theatre @home, I told you about the theatres in Bulgaria and around the world that broadcast online performances.
In the second, Do virtual dinners lead to domestic alcoholism?, I offered you the alternative to have fun with friends as before the pandemia, only virtually.
Now I will tell you about the the food deliveries home of the fine dining restaurants which have been a subject of interest to placescases.com and the 5D Sensograph.
I went through all the articles in the blog about restaurants, I visited their pages on Facebook and gathered the necessary information.

It is a joy that most fine dining places do not want to interrupt the relationship with their fans and they have taken care to continue to delight us with their delicious meals via food deliveries at home. And if we were real loyal customers, we should support them and order from them.

For your convenience, I have put links to see details about their new way of working, as well as the order menus.

Some of them have published a description of exactly what hygienic rules they have taken in the new situation, in order to preserve the health and safety of the customers.

However, if you are afraid that despite all the measures taken, the Corona virus may have been stuck on your meal, you could just put your meal in the oven/Microwave for a while at 70 degrees Celsius, for disinfection.

This is not such high temperature and will not change much the quality of your food, but it is enough to kill the virus. Besides, because I already tried the delivery of 2-3 restaurant, in some cases the food comes very warm, so there is no chance that something sinister survived.

Just do not get carried away with thermal disinfection, because some plastic packaging might be melted by the high temperature.

I have the pleasure to present you a very long list of options to eat from favorite places, which is quite delightful and relaxing, because it is a sign that there is a chance when the quarantine is over to find the restaurants in the same places they were, and their teams in full composition to meet us with a smile and inspiration for new delicious dishes.

To my great regret very nice places like Aubergine, ANDRe and Chef’s Live do not accept orders. Bagri only delivers products from their farm. It is disappointing that the owners have decided that the restaurant does not deliver meals for the period of quarantine. Karmare, another wonderful place, was never able to reopen again. It is a pity we can’t enjoy the creations by Georgi Boykovski. However, the good news is that he found a way to cook for his fans by joining the Rimini Restaurant in Sofia and the situation there became irresistible! That’s the way he is. 🙂

It’s great that we have the opportunity to enjoy the culinary skills of all those people behind our favorite establishments.

Food Deliveries in Sofia

See which fine dining restaurants make food deliveries @home in Sofia.

  1. L’Instant Catering. In fact, they have closed the restaurant long ago to shift to catering business. They deliver food home, and I’ve already tried the service. More details can be read in the following @home publications, where I will convey the impressions of the 5D Sensograph. They have a different menu every week and the good news is they also deliver on Saturday.

    L'Instant кетъринг, снимка от placescases.com
    L’Instant catering, Seabass with peas puree and carrots, and Black Angus with potatoes, photo by placescases.com
  2. Bistrello also offers home delivery. I had the pleasure to test their service. I loved it. Read more in the following @home They also make deliveries on Saturdays, so you can have a small weekend fest with their exquisite and delicious food. Read about my impression fom one of the past occasions when I visited them on spot The sunny cuisine of restaurant Bistrello meets Bulgarian sunny wine from Sakar, Sofia.
  3. La Terra. If you’re wondering what this place is, it’s the newest pizzeria in Sofia, which Chef is the famous Radostin Kiryazov. It’s great that they work on Sundays. You’re choosing from their permanent menu. So far, deliveries are limited to Manastirski Livadi, Borovo, Gotse Delchev. They offer ciabatta bread too. I ordered already from them, but I forgot to photograph the pizza and I did not prepared a post, but I will repeat the order and then I will describe my impressions.
  4. Miyabi Japanese Restaurant which chef is the MasterChef star-Chef Mihalchev. It’s a real Japanese cuisine. They have a daily menu. They run orders between 12 and 20 p.m., so you can travel to Japan, albeit in quarantine. They are closed on Sundays only.

    Takoyaki by Miyabi Japanese Restaurant, photo by placescases.com
    Takoyaki by Miyabi Japanese Restaurant, photo by placescases.com
  5. Cinecitta Osteria Italiana have published a whole video address of its manager Metin Aliyev for the hygienic norms that they follow. Besides their meals, they also deliver wine from their list with a discount, as well as honey. You can pay by Revolut.
  6. Ahora by Sevda Dimitrova. The only vegetarian winner in MasterChef, Sevda Dimitrova, was one of the first to deliver food home. They do it to this day between 12 and 20 o’clock, with last orders up to 19 o’clock. They prefer payments by card for a better guarantee of customers ‘ safety. Delivery price – BGN 4, Minimum order – BGN 20. Open also on Saturday and Sunday. Every day they surprise with a new menu. Read more about Ahora from an older blog post-AHORA – 8 MARCH WITH ONE OF THE BEST CHEFS IN BULGARIA,SEVDA DIMITROVA,SOFIA.
  7. Cosmos. They provide their space menu home between, 11:00 and 21:00 p.m. every day. Delivery for orders over 20 lv. is free. They have a brunch menu during the weekend until 16h, and the traditional is every day until 21h. And they shared a secret, that they were considering to put their cocktails in the delivery menu. I’m looking forward to it because I’m a big fan of their mixology!

  1. Nikolas 0/360 has a daily menu and orders are taken up to 4pm and deliveries are executed until 7:30 pm.
  2. Constantinoff Restobar doesn’t work for now, but their older brother, Shtastlivetsa, delivers They have a very detailed menu.
  3. Royal Thai Thai Restaurant has a permanent menu full with exotic Asian meals. They also deliver to addresses, but on the spot you can get your order with a 15% discount.
  4. Lazy Life & Food starts deliveries today.
  5. The good news in a bad year is that Danny Spartak’s, the star from Hell’s Kitchen, Good Year Restaurant, also makes deliveries on weekends. The menu was posted on March 29th and sounds delicious and interesting.
  6. Hamachi, has supplies and can be paid  by Revolut. How was it rated by the  5D Sensograph, on a previous visit, you can read in HAMACHI NI – JAPANESE FUSION AND DIFFERENT SUSHI IN THE CENTER OF SOFIA, BULGARIA.
  7. L’Etranger has a short French-styled menu that changes daily, orders are only taken from the restaurant. This is how the 5D Sensograph described it in YOU FEEL LIKE HAVING AN AUTHENTIC FRENCH CUISINE? GO STRAIGHT TO L’ETRANGER, SOFIA!
  8. Boom Burgers deliver via foodpanda, takeaway or you can take out from restaurant directly.
  9. The Ribs Brothers offer us a few ways to “get swined” by ordering directly from them, through takeaway / foodpanda or on the spot. During the day from 11am to 6pm, with 60 minutes delivery time, in the evening from 7.30pm to 8.30pm, but must be ordered before 6pm. Some time ago I “swined” myself too see how: RIBS BROTHERS- THE BEST BBQ IN THE SOFIA CENTER.
  10. Made in Home are offering home-cooked food from April 7th. Orders are made from 12 to 20:30, delivered free of charge in the center of Sofia, and against BGN 3.50 in other parts of the capital. Previous day orders receive a 10% discount. Their sister Made in Blue delivers on the same terms. Why it is worth ordering from them read in MADE IN HOME- EAT HOMEMADE FOOD AND FEEL AT HOME IN THE CENTER OF SOFIA, BULGARIA and MADE IN BLUE- A RESTAURANT LIKE A BLUE BEAD, SOFIA, BULGARIA.
  11. La Pastaria restaurants also deliver with 20% off for takeout. What is their cuisine see in LA PASTARIA, SHIPKA – ITALIAN CUISINE AND COMFORT, SOFIA, BULGARIA.
  12. Raketa Rakia Bar, where we remember the soc in Bulgaria, has a daily menu. I miss their rakia workshops.
  13. Manzo, which I wrote about a while ago in a post Do you crave for good beef steaks in Sofia center? I know the right place- Manzo!, delivers every day from 12: 30h. to 9:30 pm.
  14. Street Chefs come to you with foodpanda and takeaway. See more about them in STREET CHEFS- STREET FOOD- BUGRERS AND STEAKS, URBAN STYLE, SOFIA, BULGARIA.
  15. Leo’s Pizza “Il Rustico”, in Dragalevtsi sends its nice pizzas to Pancharevo, Manastirski Livadi, Bistritsa, Pavlovo, Simeonovo, Dragalevtsi, Buxton.
  16. Pizza in the oven – ADORO, from which we usually order with the neighbors for our parties or when we are just having a crave for pizza at home, delivers from the restaurant on Nishava Street. The on Pirin Street is closed but it is not a loss, because on Nišava Street they serve you with care and kindness, and on Pirin Street they quarrel with their clients or persuade them to come to get their pizza on spot . Also, orders for doctors and medical staff, as well as for policemen from the first-line in fight with Covid-19, are 20% off. The restaurant in Dragalevtsi also works with deliveries.
  17. Fans of various meatball recipes can be supported by the menu of Q-ftetaria through foodpanda and takeaway. Read about their meals in Q-FTETARIA- BBQ IN MODERN STYLE, SOFIA, BULGARIA.

Deliveries in Bulgaria

Here’s the situation with my favorite restaurants around the country, which fmake food deliveries @home:

  1. Tams House, Plovdiv, is about to launch “Tams at Home”, which as I understand is home delivery. I wish they could covered Sofia too! See what jewelry masterpieces they create in There I am again, at Tams House in Kapana, Plovdiv.
  2. Pavaj, Plovdiv also has daily menu supplies. If you want, you can also add wine from Bulgarian producers to the order. Here’s information from previous visits to the place: Have a bite in Pavaj, on the pavement of Kapana in Plovdiv, European Capital of Culture 2019.
  3. Nemo Restaurant in Varna, where they make the best fish soup in the city, and maybe the best in Bulgaria, but at the last St Nicholas Day at Chef’s Live I tried a no less decent version of this grace, they also deliver home. The publication for them is NEMO – LOST IN DELICIOUS SEA FOOD VARIETY, VARNA, BULGARIA.
  4. Rodopchanka Restaurant, Smolyan, also delivers home from 9am to 9pm, has a different menu every day and promotions for orders over BGN 20 and over BGN 50. Get to know them in more detail at the Rodopchanka Restaurant in Smolyan- pizza, shrimps, polenta, all in one place.
  5. A cozy and nice place, INCANTO- FEEL THE SPIRIT OF YOUTH, TRY TRUE ITALIAN TASTE IN BURGAS, BULGARIA, also make home deliveries with their wonderful pizzas.

If I have omitted an interesting restaurant that also make food deliveries at home to cater their customers, write in the comments on the blog page on social networks or below this article. 

More articles are coming soon from the new @home rubric, which will tell you how to get close to your favorite places without leaving your home. I’ll tell you a secret: how to drink super cool cocktails, from your favorite bars, without leaving your home, and also about online stores with specialty products you can indulge in. Follow the profiles of placescases.com in social networks InstagramFacebookLinkedInTwitter, YouTube. for more gourmet food deliveries info.

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