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Last visit with family in April 2016

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…. Silver airstream trailer where the street chefs toss the steaks and  meat balls on the hot plate;

…. Decent own parking – park your car, grab a burger  and go away, or eat it there with Street Chefs beer and  hit the road;

…. Clean area and tables, despite of the open air.


…. Fast cooking, fast service (this is around 5 – 6 pm);

…. Friendly attitude to children;

…. Ambiance of non-stop cool urban party. J


…. RnB, hip hop cool music;

…. Urban street babel.


…. Barbeque smell , oregano in the fries.


…. Great burgers;

…. Crispy fries;

…. Own brand beer– cold and mellow.

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Jump on the bike or step on the scooter, cruise along Vitosha street, breathing in the urban air, catching the sounds of the bars and bistros on the street. You feel cheerful! However, you get hungry. You need something fast, tasty and cool just like you. J Where to go? Turn on Parchevich str, towords Angel Kantchev, there is the Airstream trailer of Street Chefs.

My kids exclaimed: “Wow, it’s so cool here!” Yes, it is, and it is delicious and fast too. Young guys like magicians produce burgers, crispy fries, instantly appearing beer (I recommend their own brand Street Chefs). My husband says on the phone: “It’s not fair! I want to join you!”. “ Well, jump in the car and join us, if you are not able, I will take your burger home.”

So, if you need to eat something fast and tasty surrounded by cool urban ambiance and people, go to Street Chefs and don’t give it a second thought. I think they have also a vegetarian burger but not so sure.

Address: 58-60 Parchevich str (at the corner of Angel Kantchef), Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel. +359 889 052 565

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 11-23:30 h

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