Rodopchanka Restaurant in Smolyan- pizza, shrimps, polenta, all in one place.

Restaurant Rodopchanka (Rhodopean woman) score by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 4.4 out of 5.

August 2019


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We ran into the Rodopchanka restaurant at random, simply because it was close to the planetarium in Smolyan. The light show in the latter proved to be quite interesting for both children and adults.

This post is a continuation of my itinerary for Smilyan village and the surrounding area. You can read more about it in my review Guest house Rodopski Rai and what else you can do in the region of the wonderful village Smilyan

See ….

…. Quite eclectic interior design- decorations from old household gadgets, patterned lamps, horns of animals, but the most impressive was the sink in the toilet- a wooden countertop from a ragged stem of wood with sinks of patinated copper pot;

…. There was an effort in the presenting in the dishes –definitely very appetizing appearance.


Feel ….

…. Relatively good service, lacking a little attitude and  attention to the needs of the client, but overall it was OK.

…. A feeling of total eclecticism but one without a special idea like in Lorenzo & Kakalamba in Belgrade, where it is worth to go especially because of this eclecticism. It’s just as if without much thought, someone has combined a colourful design, a menu without concept and music that just came up.

Hear ….

…. Very diverse music- hits, covers, at one time I heard Bohemian Rhapsody in Latino version, but it was not irritating.



Movie watching time: 0:58 min.

Smell ….

…. Chicken Trilogy- chicken meat, kept in 3 types of marinades, one of which was Asian and very interesting. It was served with pasta and salad, which was not bad. Some children, however, do not like the exotic taste, so order carefully for the small customers. 

Taste ….

…. A nice tripe soup- quite thick, may had been thickened with flour, but it was very tasty;

…. The pizzas were nice too- the kitchen has a pizza oven;

…. Parlenka- sealed bread combined with white and yellow cheese similar to pizza calzone- very tasty;

…. I do not recommend the salad with tomato peppers and cheese branza(locally produced white cheese) in cottage cheese – the pepper was either from a jar, or for some reason marinated with vinegar, which was quite an unpleasant surprise in the season of fresh roasted peppers. In addition, there were mainly cottage cheese on the plate and only one piece of branza. I chose the salad because of it and the peppers, but they were both disappointing;

Branza is low-fat cheese, produced in Rhodope mountain only by masters who have the traditional technology and recipe. It can be made from any kind of milk, cow, sheep, goat, and has subtle taste. The smell is a little sharp but not necessarily unpleasant.

You can taste branza in very interesting dishes at one of the best fine dining restaurants in Sofia Cosmos.

…. Beans in a pot- not impressive, they make it like stew dense with baked pastrami on top. I wish beans were more separable from each other. I assume it might have been cooked the day before.

I kind of expect in this region from which the Smilian beans originate, the latter to be prepared with exceptional expertise and attention to it.

…. To my pleasant surprise, as I ordered a short coffee, really came a short coffee, like ristretto, not the Bulgarian version, which is a little longer than the standard coffee.

I have no basis for comparison with other establishments in Smolyan and for this I cannot tell whether this is the best place or there are others which perform well. The food was good, but it was not remarkable with anything special except with the eclectic menu. I would recommend Rodopchanka and I would visit it again to try other things but first I would explore other places as well, if I end up in Smolyan one day again.


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How to get to restaurant Rodopchanka?

Don’t worry about getting to Rodopchanka in Smolyan. Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

11 Bulgaria Blvd, 4700 Стар център, Смолян, България

А: 1 Bulgaria Blvd, 4700 Smolyan

T: + 359 (0)30 162 112

Open hours: 11:00- 01:00

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