ANDRe in Sofia, photos by placescases.com

News from the Garden of ANDRe

I like that in ANDRe they can always surprise you with something unconventional, but it is always very tasty. Fusion experiments are done with finesse and measure, without a crescendo in tastes, but rather with a good balance!

The garden of ANDRe is in construction, but it is still very pleasant. See it in the movie below.

Of course the menu, as always is full of surprises. I could not help trying the Black Sea oysters with champagne and hollandaise sauce. But they’re a pretty good starter-fresh, aromatic, beautiful!
As a great turbot fan, I immediately chose fillet of it on large beans with Bulgarian truffle, black mussels and salicornia sauce. Great!
Our favorite Kaiserschmarrn was ordered in a double portion and as always it was insanely yummy. I also tried a strange Mekitsa, in a round form, which had to have a mousse of Turkish delight in it, but rather the Chamomile ice cream was inside  but it was still very pleasant.

Honestly, when we crave to eat something delicious, our first idea is always ANDRe. Especially the children. One more thing- there’s a kid’s menu.

Don’t worry about getting to ANDRe in Sofia. Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

1142 Център, София, България

A: Sofia,  31 Khan Krum str.

T: + 359 888 931 151

E: andre@andretokev.com

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