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Krotiri Resort, Halkidiki – a place for a sea holiday of a large company with children.

Krotiri Resort score by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 4 out of 5.

July 2019


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Krotiri Resort is located between the second and third legs of Halkidiki, closer to the second. If you are looking for a secluded place to go with a big company with kids, without the need for variety of entertainment, taverns and bars, this is the right place.

See ….

…. Large, well maintained, comfortable rooms with big terrace and nice view from the second floor to the sea. The view includes a pool or parts of it, sometimes combined with noise from the bar and the pool, but it’s not bothering. There are also rooms without view- quieter;

…. The pools are 3– 2 for adults and one for children. The latter was avoided by the kids because they said the water had sour taste.  Could be from the disinfection chemicals;

…. There are also swings for the kids, a small playground and lots of space for running;

…. The beautiful pomegranate tree next to the restaurant– it was looming with fruit, you can see it in the video;

…. The beach was sandy but not with fine sand like the one on the Bulgarian seaside and there were deposits of mussels shels and stones on the shore. Shoes for rocky beaches are recommendable. The sea is not smooth and calm as in the Vourvourou bay, which is a 20-minute drive away. Accordingly, if you love to glide the waves by a boat and explore small coves and beaches, you will have to drive to Vourvourou to embark on rent-a-boat adventures. The Krotiri coast is totally inapplicable for them because there are waves. Otherwise, the water’s clean.

Feel ….

…. Extremely polite and hardworking owner. His name is George or Yorgos as he’s called there. He welcomes with his wide smile the guests of the hotel upon check-in. If you have a problem with the room, he personally solves it very fast;

…. In the restaurant the organization was far from perfect, maybe they need more staff. They’re trying to please the client and be nice but when there is higher occupation of the tables, things get messy. The other problem was that the fresh fish for dinner was always insufficient and with lack of variety. One heart dumped here;

…. The beach was two steps away, across the street from the hotel, which was very convenient. However, after 2 days of lying on it, it may become boring. The sunbeds are quite uncomfortable, and they need mattresses. There was not much else to do around, no boating no taverns, no bars. If you’re looking for variety, you need to get on the car and go to the third or second legs, but it costs at least 20 minutes and more driving;

…. It was great that the management provided animation for the children. While the parents relax in the hotel’s SPA or sip ouzo in the restaurant, a young lady entertains the little ones with dances hide and seek and other games;

…. No WiFi in the rooms. It was available only at the reception area. We had internet on cable, but who uses this kind of thing today. I haven’t even tried it how it works. Another remark for half heart;

…. We had only one sheet per double bed so we requested additional ones and we got them fast. Only the house keeping takes them back regularly, and we had to reclaim them back, which became annoying after the second time. They forgot to leave shower gels too, so we had to request them. Another half heart down;

…. We did not felt problems with mosquitoes, but the wasps constantly bothered us at the restaurant. I don’t know if the management could handle this issue. Perhaps they should check for wasp nests the buildings.

Hear ….

…. I have the feeling that they didn’t care what their guests would listen to at the restaurant. Once they played very loud Greek ethno rock or something like this, another time Greek folk music, too loud. In a nutshell, the musical background in the evening was very poor. Only in the morning things were fine-once we even listened to classical music at breakfast. It was very nice. One heart was dropped because of ignoring this detail.

Smell ….

…. Lightt anise aroma of the tsiporo (local brandy), offered in the restaurant. I recommend it. But if you’re into wine, the Greek wine is also very good. If you prefer white wine, a variety of Assyrtiko, mono or in blend goes a lot with Greek cuisine. If you love aromatic varieties- Malaguasia or Moskfilero are your options.

Movie watching time: 2:37 min

Taste ….

…. Rich with carbohydrates breakfast. There were at least 10-15 kinds of sweets and pastry, but to the detriment of proteins,veggies and fruit. Only 3 types of charcuterie, nothing impressive, and no fish. There were three kinds of eggs, bacon was missing. There was bogatsa as well (the local cheese pastry)-whether with cheese or with spinach, or sweet, but I have eaten more delicious than this. The other stuff was fried toast, pancakes, cookies–you’ll see them in the movie. Vegetables-only tomatoes and cucumbers, the latter didn’t look very fresh. The fruit was watermelon and melon, no cherries, no peaches, no plums, etc. Only filter coffee was included. If you wish to drink espresso, you would have to pay EUR 2.5. Now almost everywhere the espresso goes free, if you don’t drink the filtered, but here it is a different situation. Minus half a heart because of the lack of diversity in proteins, fruits and vegetables.

…. For dinner, if you haven’t decided to drive to Ormos Panagias and stay at the hotel restaurant, I recommend grilled octopus and fresh fish if you manage to catch an order for it. The tzatziki will disappoint you because it feels brittle and tasteless There are no mussels. The shrimps on the grill take half an hour to peel them before eating. The bread was dry. As bonus dessert there was only watermelon, and it was a relatively small quantity for a big company. Once they offered jelly, very tasteless, which we returned to them and asked them not serve it to us again. With this lack of competition around, obviously many details are overlooked. A whole heart dropped here;

…. The beach bar offered drinks and sandwiches, which was very convenient. I didn’t like though, that when I ordered some alcohol, they didn’t provide bonus nuts, as it is anywhere else in Greece. I had to ask for them. Another half a heart dropped.

If you would like to have dinner at a nice Greek tavern by the sea, you will find one 15 minutes away from Krotiri by car. It is called Aristos and it is located in Ormos Panagias. You can learn more about it from my post By Boat to Aristos Tavern in Ormos Panagias, Halkidiki.

I recommend Krotiri Resort to large companies with children. While the kids run around the lawn and play, the parents can relax and sip ouzo at the restaurant.

One of the great advantages of the hotel is that it is not big and there is no crowd and buzz. Keep in mind, however, that more than 5-7 days, you may get bored, especially if you are looking for adventure and variety.

How to book your stay there?

If you match the above profile, don’t hesitate and book your stay at Krotiri Resort. For your convenience, I added a booking.com box, which refers directly to their site. I guarantee you’re going to use all your genius discounts and privileges they would offer to you. Just enter the dates of your trip, then hit the Search button and voila. In addition, booking.com are doing their best to make sure that your expectations as a customer are fulfilled. I’ve described an example about the latter in  my story about our stay in Shangri-La hotel in Singapore.


How to get there?

Don’t worry about getting to Krotiri Resort on Halkidiki. Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

Akti Salonikiou, Agios Nikolaos 63078, Sithonia 630 78, Гърция

A: Salonikiou Beach, Agios Nikolaos, Sithonia Chalkidiki

T:  +30 2375 092045

E: info@krotiriresort.gr

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